Spring Seems to be Arriving Early Around Here

We are counting down the days till spring arrives. There is only 46 days left of winter. Technically, that means that winter is not quite half way over. Yet, in our house, despite the two feet of snow outside, it seems that spring has arrived early.

I began feeling like spring was on its way over the last few weeks when we had incredibly warm weather. While the media covered other parts of the country that were experiencing horrendous winter storms, we on the Colorado plains enjoyed weather nearing 60! The sun was shining, giving us the joy of spending our afternoons outside.

If anyone knows Colorado, they know that warm January days are false advertisement of an early spring as we often get our greatest winter storms in March. Sometimes they come in April or even May.

For me, the sure sign of spring is the beautiful daffodils that begin popping up. 20160129_194335It is my favorite reminder of hope… that spring has arrived and summer is coming. I would love to report the arrival of daffodils around here but I imagine I am just going to have to be patient and await their arrival in due time.

So what is it that screams spring so early around here…? It’s the arrival of our first batch of chicks! It is always so much fun to watch these cute little 3 day old chicks, huddled together under their heat lamp. Yes, we are guilty of obsessively enjoying the little ladies! Soon enough, they will be outside strutting alongside the other ladies and by summer’s arrival, they will be blessing us with eggs.

What is your favorite season? What are the first signs that make you feel like the season is arriving?

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