Shopping or Hunting?

I am not a shopper, not in the typical sense of the word. I do not enjoy meandering around and tossing dollars aimlessly around. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having something nice and new once in a while, I just don’t like to spend a whole lot for it. Even when I have some extra money that I can do whatever I want with, I am typically one to squeeze every dollar out of it to get the maximum results.

I know many coupon clipping queens that can get a cart full of groceries and spend single-digit dollars. Not me. I just can’t seem to figure that one out… but give me a list of other things you want or need and I will find a deal somewhere.

For Christmas, I was given a $100 gift card to a very high-end department store. It’s one of those stores that I rarely even bother to enter into. I had to give a slight chuckle to myself when I got the card because although a $100 gift card is a very nice gift (and I was grateful)… at this particular store it isn’t going to go very far! However, I waited until mid-January before I broke that gift card in and I ended up buying 2 pairs of uber cute jeans with awesome blouses, one outfit for Bookworm Beauty and the other for Sweetness… and I had only just begun… I ended up getting Handsome a really nice pair of navy dress pants as well as a pair of black cords. I also got him a pair of leather gloves – it gets cold here in Colorado! Oh… AND I GOT ME A PAIR OF SUNGLASSES!!! The entire lot was retailed at over $400!

I was sharing this with someone recently who mentioned that there were shoe needs in the home and she never finds those deals (she’s one of those that can get a cart full of stuff for under $10). So… I was on the hunt… I dropped the kids off at co-op and went to work. What a blast! I don’t like shopping, remember? But I love to hunt! I ended up buying 5 pairs of tennis shoes, a pair of khaki casual dress pants, a pack of socks, and two nice shirts… for $23! I even found myself a pair of $3 tennis shoes!

My $3 SCORE!
                                       My $3 SCORE!

I am thankful that I have the skills to be resourceful. I think Handsome is thankful that I always find a way to satisfy my champagne taste with a beer budget. I feel that I am being honorable with my money… but if I’m honest, it really is like hunting and I have a tremendous level of satisfaction when I find something needed for so little. It is always a challenge to see how much I can actually get.

Ok… now I know that there are many others out there that find fantastic ways to stretch a dollar. Share them…


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