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I’m reviewing Climbing Knights, one of four of SimplyFun new releases. As a game-loving family, we awaited the arrival of Climbing Knights with eager anticipation. We appreciate the way that games provide us with an opportunity come together, laugh, challenge each other, make memories and even learn and when there is a new game to add to our memory-making closet, we all get giddy!

SimplyFun believes in building smarter kids and stronger families through the amazing power of play!

After weathering through the snow storm that caused UPS to refuse driving up our road and delaying our delivery by three additional days, that moment finally arrived when Bookworm Beauty noticed the package at our gate. She maneuvered her way through the remaining snow drifts to retrieve the package and when she returned she declared that it must be something else as this package was far too heavy to be a board game. Picking it up, I too was surprised at the weight, and began to question if we were going to have to continue our wait.

Opening the box was almost ceremonial! The kiddos gathered around the table and took turns taking the next step… Sweetness breaks free the first bit of tape…. The Boy annihilates the next bit of tape… Bookworm Beauty opens the cardboard flaps… it was like Christmas all over again! Once opened, I was able to understand why it was so heavy! SimplyFun has raised the bar for game board quality… literally everything from the box itself, to the individual pieces has each been constructed with a quality that you most likely have not experience nor would expect to find in a board game. The quality of the product alone left me feeling that this game was teetering on well-worth it’s $40 price tag, and the real test was about to 2-20-16 216

Being that it was lunchtime when we first began assembling the game, I decided it would be a good test to see if it was a game that could be played without adult supervision or guidance from the get go. I left Bookworm Beauty in charge as I prepared our lunch within earshot. She found the setup instructions to be easy to follow and told me that the written instructions coupled with the photos made it easy for her.

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It seemed only moments had passed before she began to read the game directions to Sweetness and The Boy, both of which are younger than the suggested age of 8+ years old. There seemed to be some confusion, initially upon starting the game, but play continued. However, when I reviewed the game rules and played with the kids, I found that I had to make quite a few corrections to their play. The rules seemed clear and concise to me yet had been misinterpreted by Bookworm Beauty. Once the rules were clarified, the games commenced once again!

phone 2-20-16 248The kids find the game engaging and fun. It is absolutely appropriate for our younger kids that are outside of the suggested age range. However, I would encourage anyone looking at this for younger kids to be mindful of the child’s ability o to develop any sort of strategy awareness as that will determine their ability to be a viable opponent. The best part of the game for me is watching the kids think through their moves strategically. The website lists the educational component of Climbing Knights to be spatial reasoning, strategy and fine motor skills, which all seemed to be evident in our play.

If you are a game-loving family and enjoy engaging, entertaining, and educational play, then I encourage you to consider Climbing Knights for your next game night. Visit SimplyFun to check out this and more than 100 award-winning products.

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