Zonderkidz Faith Builders Bible Review

20160226_101404Our daily devotionals have been quite a bit different the last few weeks! We have been enjoying the new Zonderkidz Faith Builders Bible! Our review of this item has been a true blessing.

When the box arrived, I was sure to open it with The Boy (almost 6). He was not aware that we were going to have a chance to review this product. The moment he saw this bible, he pulled it out of the box, held it tight and let out a huge squeal as he asked us if this was his new bible. He has pretty much clung to it since… it goes to bed with him… it comes on car rides with us… and more importantly it goes to our breakfast table with him where we come together to do our devotional in the morning. He is just beginning to gain confidence in his reading so he has been able to follow along and read passages himself. I have witnessed his reading blossom in the last few weeks and I can give a majority of the credit to this bible because it is something that he wants to read.Faith Builders Bible _zpsn4fmywa3

The Faith Builders Bible is a hardcover, New International Reader’s Version with a cover price of $24.99. It appears to be written specifically for children who enjoy the various plastic construction bricks. It is not written in conjunction with any specific brick manufacturer, nor does it endorse any one company. This is a full bible and includes 24 beautiful full-color pages spaced throughout the bible, each covering a specific bible story, a coinciding bible verse and a picture of a brick creation for the story. The pictures are engaging and they ma20160223_104237ke you want to pull out a bin of construction bricks and start building them! Unfortunately, we have not yet hit the construction brick phase – yet – so we borrowed some from friends to use for this review. The Boy was not the only enamored. Sweetness and Bookworm Beauty have also enjoyed trying to duplicate the brick creations, as well as come up with their own for other bible stories (O.K. I confess… us parents also had fun working with the kids to make some bible story brick creations).

I have appreciated seeing my children engage in reading the Word through play. According to Hmelo-Silver, 2004, students are better equipped to learn both the content of a subject matter and thinking strategies when they can do so through hands-on activities. I was able to witness this learning with the Faith Builders Bible. The kids worked together to build creations and would then act out the bible stories through play. It was a joy to watch.

20160223_102731This already well-loved bible is a keeper.   The only thing that I think would have made this product better would be to have construction brick packs available for each of the creations. This would be helpful for a family like mine that has not yet invested in buying the many brick sets available. At any rate, I think our construction brick phase has commenced… but for a wonderful reason!


Hmelo-Silver, C. E. (2004). Problem-Based Learning: What and how do students learn? Educational Psychology Review, 16, 235-266


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