How Here to Help Learning Was Here to Help-An Honest Review

I have heard it said that you never fully realize just how bad something is until you have something better in its place. For us, we knew that we were lacking in the writing area. However I am not sure I had any real clue exactly how bad we were doing until we began our review of Here to Help Learning. We have had an amazing time reviewing both Flight 1 Paragraph Writing and Flight 1 Essay Writing and with the help provided by Here to Help Learning, our writing pains have become a thing of the past!


Here’s our story.

Writing is something that has always seemed to come a bit naturally to me. I would not categorize myself as an exceptional writer, as I certainly have room for improvement, but it is something I rather enjoy doing and typically do rather well. Simply put, I have never experienced much difficulty in transferring my creative thoughts and ideas into printed words. In fact, I would say that my first writing defeat did not happen until I needed to teach my children. I wanted to see my children share their wild, storytelling imaginations with others through the written word! It has come so naturally for me that I not only believed I would be able to teach them to write, but to write well.

It wasn’t long in my homeschooling journey before I was facing the belief that I was a writing teacher failure, especially with the younger ones. Bookworm Beauty had spent 3 years in public and charter schools so although she was doing alright, she did not seem to be advancing. I was stumped. We struggled. I am sure if I was more frustrated or if they were. If skipping classes in our homeschool were an option, it would have been a unanimous decision to skip out on our writing class.

For more than a year we trudged through our meager attempts at teaching and learning to write well. I researched and optimistically tried different methods and programs. I had my awesome mother in law, a retired elementary school teacher; spend a day in our classroom to demonstrate to me the process for writing instruction. I shared my struggles with anyone who would listen in the hopes that someone… somewhere… would hear my plight and would steer me in the direction of a fabulous solution. It is no surprise that my optimism was reignited and I was hopeful when I was told that I was selected to review Here to Help Learning’s monthly membership. I had no idea what adventures we were about to embark upon. Not only did this program offer fabulous solution; it has proven to be everything I had hoped for and more.

Here to Help Learning incorporates a completely different approach to writing. The first and one of the greatest, aspects of the program is that with the membership package there are no textbooks, no curriculum guides, and nothing that I would need to teach! It’s an internet-based digital program providing step by step lessons for developing fabulous writers. We have been spending time with Mrs. Mora (via digital pre-recorded sessions) learning the steps to writing, practicing writing skills and developing miniature masterpieces!

20160223_150156The Boy, whom has always been a wild story teller, wrote a 10 sentence paragraph for his very first writing project… and he’s in Kindergarten! Most of his writing is through dictation, which is encouraged for younger students. This is a valuable asset to this program. Youngers students are often in a quandary as their level of communicating through speech is far more advanced than their ability to write. Allowing him to dictate has really built his writing confidence. It is such a joy to see him wanting to write.

20160308_103901In fact, all three of our students are eager to write. They are enjoying the whole process!

Here to Help Learning offers six levels of pre-recorded writing instruction. Each level is identified as a “Flight”. There are three different Flight levels for both Paragraph Writing and Essay Writing. Each Flight includes 32 lessons, taking student through the process and completion of six different projects. The only exception is the student’s grand finale; in Flight 3 Essay Writing they are taken through a thorough Write a Book process!

We started with Flight 1 for all of the kids. Both The Boy and Sweetness started with Paragraph Writing while Bookworm Beauty started in Essay Writing. Although they were at different levels the project topics were along the same lines, which kept a cohesive feel to our classroom.

This multi-age writing program has continued to be a blessing in our home. I have noticed that my children are engaging in writing more than ever before, even beyond their writing assignments. They are writing in their own free time! It is almost as if Here to Help Learning unlocked the door between their wild imaginations and their fingertips. For me, this is the greatest mark of success to a good writing program. Giving students the confidence to write anything they desire, for any reason will enable them to tackle any writing task that comes their way.

My final point to this program is that I get to share with you that you too can experience these results first hand – FREE FOR ONE DAY! At first glance it may not seem like much, but how often do you get unlimited use of something for a full day for FREE? You would have the opportunity to peruse the lessons and watch first hand while Mrs. Mora takes your children on their own writing adventure – did I mention you could do that for FREE? If you are really adventurous, set aside a full day as a writing workshop, your students could very well complete their first project. Only you know if your students could handle a focused day of writing, as it may be too much for some writers.

I am confident that what you experience will convince you that this program is amazing and more than worth the cost. There are two options for purchasing this program. For those that desire tangible, hand held curriculum, each individual Flight is available on DVD’s and includes both a Teacher’s Guide and Student Workbook for $89.99. For those that appreciate wild savings, ease of use, and are okay with printing out some worksheets, then a Family Membership at $6.99 per month is an awesome way to go. With the membership, you can cancel anytime and you get the first 14 days free! The first 14 Days FREE with the Monthly Membership is enough time to complete up to two writing projects (11-12 lessons).

Here to Help Learning is here to help… the value is far greater than the cost… experience it for yourself!

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