Stick Figure Through the Bible – A Grapevine Studies Review

We have had a lot of creative fun working through the New Testament Overview Part 1, Birth of John to Jesus’ Ministry. Although all three children completed the same subject matter, each worked at their own level through their own book. Collectively we worked through Level 1 Traceable, Level 1 and Level 3. For the sake of time, convenience and working together, we utilized the Level 3 Teacher Guide and found it to be a perfect fit for us overall.

The Product

level 1 book picGrapevine Studies offers their Stick Figure Through the Bible studies both as physical workbooks for $12.50, and  Family Licensed eBooks for $10.00. Physical Teacher Guides are priced at $22.50 while the Licensed eBooks are $18.00. Unless an individual prizes physical mail, this is a no-brainer. Not only is there a savings with the digital copies but there’s also the license to print as many copies as are needed for a family.  We received a digital copy of the student books and the teacher guides and were able to download them immediately. We printed the lessons as we went along.

Initially I thought that Bookworm Beauty would be a bit bored with the stick figuring and would want to utilize her talents for greater creative expression. I was wrong, very wrong. She and Sweetness both wanted The Boy’s traceable sheets that had the faint outlines of the stick figures pre-printed. I was surprised and got quite a level 3 book picchuckle out of it. I was even more surprised with the amount of fun they all had while drawing simple stick figures!


The Content

The story line was a fantastic review of familiar material. What wasn’t familiar however is the transformation that takes place while kids are leaning over their worksheets being creative! Our time together quickly became lengthy dynamic conversations. It was a joy to be a part of this experience with them. It was also fun for me to begin reading the scriptures associated with a lesson and then be interrupted as one or all of them began to recite those same verses that were already committed to memory.20160309_065841


Although the material we covered was already familiar to the kids, the approach was different from anything we’ve ever done. First and foremost, the initial lesson was centered around the creation of a timeline from the beginning of time through to the ministry of Jesus. This gave us a phenomenal opportunity to talk about many different events with the visual perspective of time. We then were able to talk a bit about the fact that we are on the same timeline. It is a great eye opener for kids to realize that they are participants in the same story… at a much later date. We even had an opportunity to talk about other events that they are learning about in their school time as well.20160309_07022320160309_070210


The Personal Touch

When I have the luxury of being able to review any type of curriculum, I am typically either sent the product or an email with the digital link to download the item. With this particular review, I also received a personal email from the owner herself. It wasn’t just a hello, thanks for reviewing our product either. It was a personal note. She took the time to actually read my blog, made personalized comments and thanked me for my participation in the review.

I am sure many will read this portion of my review and say, yeah, but it’s because she wants a good review. To those with that mindset, I’d like to remind you that good business is all about relationships… and it isn’t very often that people actually take the time to build them. I appreciated the connection and her warm welcome. There is so much unsaid that it actually says. For example, it tells me a lot about the heart of the individual behind the product itself and that is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, details.

To go even further, there was a mix-up with my initial product order for the review. I contacted Grapevine Studies and was immediately provided with a solution. In this crazy, detached online age, good quality customer service carries a lot of weight.

Moving Forward

Grapevine Studies offers a variety of topics in their Stick Figure Through the Bible studies such as Biblical Feasts and Holy Days, The Birth of Jesus, Esther, Joseph, The Resurrection, Moses and the Exodus, Old Testament Timeline, and more! There’s even the ability to download Sample Lessons for many of the different studies!

We are well on our way to finishing our current study of New Testament Overview Part 1, Birth of John to Jesus’ Ministry. The only thing for us to worry about now is which study do we want to do next…?

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