Blogging Helps Me to Homeschool On Purpose

Word Cloud***Please note before reading this post that I have in no way been asked to write this. I will not receive any sort of compensation or benefits as a result of what I have to share. These are entirely my thoughts that I choose to share with you. I only hope that someone somewhere will benefit greatly from what I am about to share… I know I sure have.   ~Nancy***

Anyone who knows me knows that I desire to do things purposely. You simply can not expect great things in life without taking the time to do them on purpose. This applies to everything from a successful marriage, to the raising of children to adulthood, growing spiritually, and virtually anything else worth having in life.

Blogging is oftentimes seen as a hobby of sorts, something that just takes up time. Yes, it gets information out into cyber world and just may make a difference in the life of someone out there, but the real question is… does it really help anyone reach their goals? For me, yes… yes it does.

We have several goals in our household, goals that require some purposeful planning. If I hesitate to take the time to be purposeful about those plans, I will most likely fall very short of reaching them. There is no accidentally missing goals when I am not purposefully moving towards them. Accidentally is just a nicer way to say I neglectfully avoided responsibility. Now don’t get me wrong… I am not a type A, driven, structured person (although Handsome probably wishes I had more of those traits). I am random. Left to my own natural tendencies, everything would get half done. Although they would definitely be half completed with great adventurous enthusiasm! I have learned however, the value of being more purposeful or my life would simply be filled with all of those half completed projects… imagine a half raised adult… hmmm… I digress.

I must be reminded that anything worth seeking greatness in requires purposefully planning and moving towards it.

Homeschooling is something that I  desire greatness in. Therefore, I know that I absolutely must be purposeful in it. If I am not going to plan and purposefully educate our children, then what would be the point? This is one of the most important tasks in our home and blogging helps me to accomplish this in ever-increasing measure. For example, because I am a homeschooling blogger, I have been invited to join The Old Schoolhouse – Schoolhouse Review Crew. What this means for us is that in exchange for posting an honest review on my blog, we get the opportunity to enjoy many educational products, curriculum, games, digital content and more!

Imagine how this has impacted our homeschooling budget! It’s the beginning of March and we have already had the ability to utilize over $1,000 worth of quality, award-winning products, literally transforming our homeschool experience. We are using curriculum that I could have only dreamed about a year ago. Bookworm Beauty has been rapidly advancing in Pre-Algebra through the awesome instruction provided by Math-U-See. Although The Boy had already known his basic sounds and was able to recognize and write the letters of the alphabet, he we was not yet confident in reading, until we began using the Logic of English Essentials. Even my bonus mother, that struggles in reading, has been benefiting tremendously from this program – showing it’s never too late to learn! All of my children have been advancing far beyond my expectations in writing with the help of Here to Help Learning. Take the time to read about our incredible experience with this writing program and our previous writing woes here.  We have also been blessed to be able to witness spiritual growth in the kids with our Grapevine Stick Figure Through the Bible studies as well as the Faith Builders bible. It is remarkable for me to realize that this is just the beginning of the list of things we have had the privilege of enjoying in our homeschool!

I sit here to write this and am literally astounded as I look ahead at the upcoming vendor list of products and curriculum that the Schoolhouse Review Crew will be able to review. It makes me giddy. I am blessed.

The part that is truly mind boggling is that the opportunity to be part of such an amazing crew has very few requirements… one must homeschool and blog about homeschooling. Of course there’s still an application process, but it’s worth every hoop required to participate.

Schoolhouse Review CrewIf you are a homeschooling blogger, continue to post a minimum of one post on your blog weekly. Then watch for the invitation to apply for the Schoolhouse Review Crew during early fall 2016. The crew will be selected before the end of the year and the new crew will start with the new year. I know it may seem far off. Keep in mind that if you want to be a part of something great, then it pays to take the time to plan and purposefully move towards it. Imagine how different your homeschool would be with the awesome ability to review so many great products. You are literally only 42 blog posts away from The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew being a hope realized! Hmmmm, it’s only 2 weeks longer than awaiting the arrival of a little one and if you are a homeschooler then you most likely know how fast that waiting passes by. (Smile).

Feeling grateful.

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