More than Entertainment: A Review

We love movies! Hands-down it is one of the greatest forms of entertainment we engage in. Yes, we love the outdoors. We love to play sports and board games. We love to take the kids to the park or to the zoo. Movies however are our go-to entertainment staple. So you could imagine how thrilled we were when we found out that we would be reviewing Superbook: A Giant Adventure – David and Goliath a DVD provided by

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Our greatest difficulty with being a movie-loving family is that there are simply too many types of movies. Some are great, yet purely entertaining. Others have fantastic story lines with great moral lessons. Still others are simply disappointing. It can be difficult to navigate the world of movies and to know what is going to appropriate, especially for the children. can make our lives so much easier by taking the guesswork out of the equation when choosing a worthy film. They have over 1,300 movies to choose from, everything from family entertainment, biblical movies, inspirational movies, to health and fitness. Their focus is providing quality christian home entertainment. What a great way to help families reclaim family time!

The Superbook: A Giant Adventure – David and Goliath is a fantastic movie retelling one of the best heroic stories of all time! I was surprised at the quality of it’s animation. If you are anything like me, then as a movie buff, you may have come to expect high-quality animation such as is produced by the bigger names out there. I can say for certainty that the animation in this movie rivals those. I was not surprised to discover that the Superbook series is created by award-winning artists that are credited with some of the features we compare animation with.

Christian-movies-superbook-a-giant-adventure-david-and-goliath-dvd_zpsuhjuph1bThe story itself gives a unique spin on the old classic. Instead of simply retelling the story of David and Goliath as told in the Bible, it focuses on courage, faith and overcoming fear. A modern-day boy struggling with the fear of performing in front of others is followed as he, his friend and their robot friend travel through time. They end up just outside of Bethlehem around 3,000 years ago where they stumble upon David. While they spend time with David they not only witness his victory over Goliath but also his courage and his faith. David teaches the young boy that he should never be afraid to use the talent that God has gifted him with because the size of the giant doesn’t matter when God gives you the ability. It was refreshing to have a story line that gave a modern-day example which children can identify with for defeating the giants in their own life.

The DVD comes with a Family Discussion Guide to facilitate conversation with kids, or anyone really. Topics covered are discovering your own talents and having the courage to use them; daily battles and how we can face them with boldness; and being victorious through faith in Christ. also carries five additional DVDs in the Superbook Series including In The Beginning, The First Christmas, ROAR! Daniel and the Lion’s DenLet My People Go, and The Ten Commandments.

Our home movie collection is always growing. If DVD-Anonymous was a real club, we’d probably need to participate. Since we don’t watch television (except during football season), our ability to see previews is limited to the ones on DVD’s or at a theater. Consequently, there are a lot of movies available that we really know nothing more about than what is presented on the carefully crafted cover and the few short paragraphs on the back. Sometimes it feels like we are gambling, always risking our hard-earned money hoping that the DVD will be worth it. It is a nice feeling to visit and know that all of the movies will have acceptable content for it’s intended audience.

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