Living for Our Sun-Days

sun dayMost school-aged kids treasure any snow days they got during the school year. It’s comical that they don’t even really complain when school is extended for a day or two at the end of the year. It is worth every minute of unplanned time off.

Some are anxious to bundle up and get out into the snow. Others are thrilled to sip hot chocolate and watch the snow from indoors. It doesn’t really matter how it is celebrated… it is simply celebrated. Unless of course, you are in our house.

Being on the Colorado prairie, having any significant snow fall is an infrequent event. Yes, it is fun. Yes, it is beautiful. Yes, we love it. No, we do not take time off of school! We just might allow for an early release (because the weather is a bit warmer in the afternoon) but school is still in session.

However… when the sun unexpectedly decides to come out in full force with just the right atmospheric pressure allowing us to enjoy those prized 60 degree days in the middle of January… we… uhmmmm… take a Sun Day!

I know, it is April. We are well into spring now. The warmer days are becoming routine, but the sun is just screaming for us to take a break and come out to play!

Am I the only one that has had to revamp our school schedule a bit? We have been starting earlier so that we could be done early enough to be outdoors. We may even have to extend our school schedule and make up some days in July. That would be okay though, because by then it will be too hot to play outdoors!

God bless our Sun-Days!

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