Junk Food with a Healthy Twist

In our house, junk food seems to be around a lot more than necessary. We try to limit it, but somehow things always manage to creep in. The kids routinely come home from Awana’s with awards such as chocolate or soda and enjoy grandma’s cookies far too often. And, of course, I will refrain from mentioning the biggest culprit because I want to avoid throwing Handsome under the bus…

On Monday, Handsome returned home after running an errand in town. He was sporting a nice round plastic barrel of cheese balls. The kids went nuts, of course. I exercised my sheer will power for about 10 minutes longer than they did.

It’s always a battle over junk. We talk about health all of the time around here. We drink electrolyzed reduced water at a nice alkaline pH. We eat farm fresh eggs from our free range chickens. We buy organic and we avoid GMO’s as much as possible. And then we eat cheese balls… I can’t help but shake my head.

We awoke a little later than normal this morning so our normal routine was replaced with the free-flowing-whatever-routine. Consequently, breakfast options were last minute. The Boy opened the pantry and hugged the barrel of the fluffy orange chemicals with a sly inquiring expression. I chuckled and initially denied his request, “uhmmm… No. Not for breakfast… unless you want a cheese ball omelet!” I laughed at the silly notion, until he interrupted me with an affirmative nod. cheese ball omelet

Wanting to retreat from the offer, I decided to just go with it and a handful of cheese balls were placed on top of the eggs just as they began to set.

There were crazy squeals of delight this morning at the breakfast table. The Boy was sure to tell me that it was the best omelet ever while Sweetness devoured hers with a smile. It was comical to say the least.

I justified it all by telling myself that eggs and cheese are great sources of protein and what’s a bit of fun to go along with healthy?


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