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Having an opportunity to review Homeschool Copywork gave us an opportunity to fill in the penmanship gaps in our homeschooling. With three children in varying grade levels, I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed with trying to keep up with and maintain meeting the subject standards. Handwriting practice, better known as penmanship, always seems to be one of the things that gets overlooked.

I happen to like penmanship even though it seems that it may be a bit controversial in our electronically savvy culture. I have heard it said that cursive writing is absolutely unnecessary; and correct spelling is no longer required because computer programs auto-correct everything. I wholeheartedly disagree. Enter the copywork.

Last year we began learning old hymns and copying the verses. I had not even heard the term copywork at that time. We enjoyed learning hymns and singing them together and as a bonus I noticed that the children’s handwriting was improving. We selected another hymn at the beginning of this year and were reminded how much we really enjoy learning hymns together. Finishing the second hymn, we began our selection of a third when Homeschool Copywork came along.

Homeschool Copywork has a wide array of copywork packs available for immediate download. There are packs designed for early writers that offer larger writing space with dashed lines or even dashed traceable letters and include coloring pictures. There are elementary level packs in manuscript, script, and cursive allowing you to choose which is appropriate for your student. There are also packs with lengthier copywork for middle and high school ages.

The topics available are extensive. There is copywork packs that include bible passages, character studies, famous quotes, and more. Imagine our delight when we discovered the Hymn studies copywork! We chose our third hymn and began learning Anywhere With Jesus.

Copywork is a fantastic addition to our homeschool. It allows my students the opportunity to practice handwriting, reinforce spelling and proper grammar; as well as reflect upon the meaningful writing that they are copying. I most appreciate the reinforcement they get from copying the meaningful text.

20160413_095405One must be a member to have unlimited access to download the packs offered by Homeschool Copywork. There are two subscription options. The annual membership is good for one full year and is $29.95. The Lifetime Membership is $45 and offers access as long as there is a website! There is also a free membership option offering access to the free section of copywork. This is a great way to sample the outstanding products that is offered.

If notebooking is20160413_101241 a part of your homeschool, then you will be happy to know that there are several BONUS Products available. These ebooks include notebooking pages, coloring pages and more!

This is a fairly new website and is continually growing in content. I found that there are a lot of great products and it would be great if there was a search option made available to allow searching by name, subject matter, themes, etc. It can be a bit overwhelming to scroll through the many options to find one that you want to download. We have enjoyed perusing the site nonetheless and have already decided that our next project will be J. S. Bach Quotes from Composers Copywork to correspond with our classical studies and Wilbur and Orville Wright Copywork to correspond with our early flight studies.

In the meantime, Bookworm Beauty saw the Greatest of These 1 Corinithians 13 Cursive Copywork and wanted to work on it just for fun… that says a lot.


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