Sum-Sum-Summer Time

Every year I long for summer time to begin. I envision days of basking in the sun, playing outdoors with the kids and BBQ. Reality comes and it never seems to align itself with my visions.

The kids are hot and cranky. I am feeling rushed with a never-ending task list. We are over-scheduled, trying to fit everything possible into a short six-week window.

We needed a summer-tude adjustment!

What did we do?

  • No more sleeping in… everyone is up before 7 (I’m up before 6 so that I can enjoy my coffee before the pitter-pat of little feet and big yawns reach me).
  • The house is in order… this isn’t the time to re-do anything major in the house if you don’t want to spend your days in doors… It’s clean, it’s tidy and the kids know what their morning chores are – which starts the day with a clean house.
  • Review the week before the week begins… make sure everyone is on the same page… this goes for the month as a whole as well.
  • Schedule alone time and date time… we made an overnight trade with friends… all of my kids there one night and all of theirs here another night.
  • Master task list… don’t get distracted and overwhelmed with too many projects and tasks. Keep a list and prioritize them. Work on one at a time (or divide and conquer).
  • Face the facts… not everything is going to get done, but the things that matter will… making memories.
  • Purpose to play. This is what summer is all about!

Basically, we are keeping it simple. We will not hit the end of summer and wonder where the time went and why we didn’t spend more time with the kids in play… not this year…


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