Goodbye Presley

Presley January 2013-June 2016
A present just for YOU!
A present just for YOU!
Elvis and Presley A special friendship!

Our sweet Presley has been gone now for 11 days. We are pretty sure that she has provided nourishment for the coyotes – a dreaded thought.

Presley was a great member in our family. She was beautiful. She was sweet and sassy all at the same time. She was a great mouser and for that we were very proud. She begged to be outside for two years when we lived in the city. Finally, after moving to the prairie, we relented and allowed her access both in and out. She loved being outside where we would watch her hunt her prey. I didn’t necessarily love the gifts that she brought inside but I appreciated knowing that she earned her keep around here.

We can never replace our dear Presley. Elvis will miss her greatly, as will the rest of us.

We have been blessed with two young male kittens. Although we are sure that they will grow to fill new areas of our hearts, they will never fill Presley’s spot.

Goodbye Presley. You were loved.

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