Guest Post: Does a Stomach Disorder Mean that You are “Pepto-Bismol Deficient?” – by Keith Flint

Keith Flint - GodsWaterBoy.Com
Keith Flint – GodsWaterBoy.Com

I would like to propose a practical and logical discussion today!  My name is Keith Flint, also known as GodsWaterBoy.  Google GodsWaterBoy to see many pages of documents and various discussions that I have had about Kangen Water.

I was reminded recently of a statement a Friend of mine made recently, “When you have Acid Reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Digestive disorders, it is certainly a fact that you are not “Pepto-Bismol” deficient!

Why is it that today we create distress (disease) and then attempt to regulate the result with after market treatments or Prescription drugs?

Your Body was designed by your maker, to maintain and heal itself.  That is if you would focus on what the “Body” needs, not what you like or dislike.  Example, You drink Soda’s that are 5 orders of magnitude Acidic and your body goes into shock having to find a way to neutralize this attack on your Organs. It  has to rob the bones of Calcium, manufacture “Buffers” to stabilize and finally store it in Fat on the body to protect vital organs from destruction.

Go to a simple video that shows the comparisons of Bottled Water, Soda, GaterAid, etc.  Discover what you are not being told when you are being sold on their convenience.  <SEE HERE> (<– click to watch)

Your Body was designed to be serviced by your BLOOD! It is the delivery system for Nutrition, Oxygen, Hemoglobin, Energy and waste removal.

See the effect of one glass of Kangen Restructured water on a persons blood. <SEE 1 minute Video Here>

God designed your body PERFECTLY!  You have allowed our culture to destroy it with FAST FOOD, Convenience, Microwave Cooking, Chemical substances added to it, GMO alteration and convenience DRINKS instead of the simple choices. Particularly, the proper amount of water that YOUR BODY requires daily.  DO YOU DRINK A MINIMUM OF 1/2 Oz of water per pound weight DAILY?  If not, you are maintaining your body in a dehydrated condition.  Dehydration is the primary source of most all of our modern day “Disease Disorders” that Medical science has given names to.  Of course they choose to provide “Relief” from Symptoms rather than attempting to eliminate the CAUSE and have the symptoms gone.

You can attempt to provide Supplements, Nutrients, Detox protocols, etc, but if the Blood isn’t functioning optimally, less than 20% of what you are taking is likely to make it to where it is needed.  Wouldn’t it be smarter to give 20% of your daily dosage to each of your family members along with  yourself, because all of you are functioning with active Blood delivery? You would still be getting the same result that you now are getting, taking the full dose  yourself.

To really understand just how important the CHOICE of water is and What not to drink, review a private video site that I maintain for your visiting. I only require a first name and email to send you your personal password to access the information.  I do not hassle people, I educate and respond to their questions via text or phone calls.

my site is < >

Blessings on you and your family. Be Healthy GODS way.

Keith Flint 720-281-3965

Best Phonics Resource EVER! (A Review)

I have always believed in a solid phonics foundation and with a new reader in the home, I was excited to have the opportunity to review the Can Do Cubes by and just2ducks LLC.

The Boy is a little over 6 and entering first grade. He has been reading simple words for quite some time but has continued to struggle with the more advanced phonic rules. We have spent tremendous amount of time working through various books and trying to progress through the more difficult phonic rules. It has been a struggle. It has not been his inability to learn the rules as much as it just has not been of much interest for him… that is until the Can Do Cubes became a part of our homeschooling repertoire.

59 six-sided cubes, each bearing individual phonemes, arrived in a nicely organized box divided into two stages. Along with the cubes came an interactive DVD, two instruction booklets, two At-a-Glance Word Charts, a large Alphabetic Codes Overview chart and a Teacher’s Guide and Template Book (on CD).

I have a confession to make with this review. To be fair to a vendor and to provide a proper review, I always try and use a product exactly as it was intended. I had a much harder time with this particular product. The Boy and I tried to go through the instruction booklet and figure out where exactly to start him. While we were attempting to navigate it, he began picking up several cubes and rolling them like dice and then quickly tried to make a word (sometimes even made up words). After asking him to focus, I decided to join in and play for a while. We have had such a fantastic time just playing with the cubes. I began looking for harder words within the letters present and asking him to fish for them. Sometimes I just gathered up the cubes and made more difficult words for him. I noticed that he was more eager to 20160826_094247sound out a word on the cubes than he was from a book. What fun!

I would really like to say that we eventually got back with the program, but that would be a lie. We never did follow the program as it was intended. However, the Teacher’s Guide and Template Book on the CD has five pdf files: four different program levels, or the entire 133-page workbook (all four combined). I spent some time reviewing the four workbooks to see if The Boy had any “holes” in his learning that needed to be addressed. We used an afternoon to test through the 42 sounds that make up the Simple Code of the English language. He was able to correctly identify all but eight of them.

Identifying his level of understanding was paramount and allowed me to hone in on his weaknesses. We opened the pdf files on our tab and used the workbook interactively instead of printing it out onto paper. This has been a wonderful tool!

I am not sure that I will continue utilizing this program, as intended, but I will definitely continue using it as a resource and a reinforcing manipulative. The Boy always has a smile when we bring out the Can Do Cubes!

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One of the greatest blessings of homeschooling is being able to take the children on field trips where their education can be brought to life.

I remember as a child, in public school, we took multiple field trips. We visited museums, libraries, the newspaper and more. When my older children were in public school it seemed as though funding had declined so much so that they took one or none each year. It is unfortunate.

Fortunately, for us, we can take as many field trips as we desire and visit many locations as possible to enhance our studies.

We currently have three trips scheduled through October. Bookworm Beauty has literally devoured all things Laura Ingalls over the last year and as a culminating event we are taking a pioneer road trip through Kansas, Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming. To further our atmosphere studies we will be heading to the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. Lastly, we anticipate completing a unit on aircraft and will be heading to the Pueblo Air Museum.

I am sure we will be adding many other incredible locations to our calendar during the rest of the year.

Where are you looking forward to visiting this school year?

Puzzle Fun: A Review

It is always a joy to be able to review a product that is simply fun! As a puzzle-loving family, we were excited when we received the Solar System FlipStir puzzle by Enlivenze LLC.

Trinity FlipStirAfter reading the very simple instructions: flip, stir & solve, I went to work. It took me about 5 minutes the first time to solve the puzzle.

This puzzle is a self-contained unit that includes a stir-type stick to maneuver the 10 individual pieces within the cylinder housing. We have the Solar System puzzle which is a great addition to our home as we have been studying the solar system over the last year. It has proven to be a fun reinforcement of learning for the kids.

Although the puzzle is designed for ages 7 and up, The Boy (6) has had just as much fun enjoying it as Grandpa (78). Grandpa just so happens to also be crowned as the quickest solver in our family. we tend to be slightly competitive in our home and leave the FlipStir puzzle on the coffee table. It goes without saying that if someone inquisitively picks it up then the timer is started so we can get their solve time. Grandpa completed it in 2 minutes, 12 seconds… beating my best score by 15 seconds. I was not thrilled… yes, we are competitive here.

Other FlipStir puzzles are also available. There are two level 1 options: the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Rainbow Pencils and 3 level 2 options: the Statue of Liberty, the Solar System and the Periodic Table of Elements. Each sell for $24.95.

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Spanish Immersion: Homeschool Style (A Review)

We understand the value and tremendous benefits of learning a foreign language so we were delighted when we were informed that we were selected to review the Spanish Starter Set 1 by Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids.


Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids takes an immersion approach to teaching foreign language. The research concludes that immersion students most often reach greater levels of foreign language proficiency than through other foreign language program models (Williams Fortune, 2016). We have firsthand experience with the immersion model as Bookworm Beauty attended a language immersion program for two years before we made the decision to homeschool. She attended the Spanish program at that school during 2nd and 3rd grade, well behind her peers that were in attendance. Within a fairly short time, she was comprehending quite a bit of Spanish and gaining in her confidence in using the language.

Although our other two school-aged children, Sweetness (2nd) and The Boy (1st), will not have the same opportunities that Bookworm Beauty had we still desired adding foreign language to our homeschooling routine.


When Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids arrived, we sat around like kids on Christmas, eagerly awaiting to see the package contents! There were three program levels in the Starter Set 1 that included both a full-color Guide for Teachers and Parents and an activity workbook; an instructional DVD; sticker labels; and flashcards with card game instructions for the flashcard use.

After looking through the materials we had a decision to make. We decided to get Bookworm Beauty (6th) more involved with our foreign language introduction. The program is so easily laid out that it was well within her ability to facilitate the Spanish class with the younger kids. Being that it is primarily video-based instruction, there is really no need to actually teach Spanish. The students are introduced to everyday conversation by watching and re-watching video segments for each lesson.

Starter Set 1 is currently available for $140.25 (15% discount offered on their website) online memberships are also available and offer access to all of the same materials digitally. There’s even the ability to try it FREE for two days!


Bookworm Beauty and I read through the Guides for Teachers and Parents together so that we were both clear on the intended process for the program. After explaining to Sweetness and The Boy the expectations for them and  that Bookworm Beauty is to be treated like any other teacher, we were set to start. I have to confess that it was fun to see Bookworm Beauty step in and facilitate the class because she seemed a few inches taller and had an air of professionalism about her!

She followed the outline in the guide to a “T” without any deviation. The younger kids enjoyed the videos and always seemed interested and engaged, which I would believe it paramount to a program like this working. I was impressed that by the second lesson, Sweetness and The Boy were calling out the names of everyday items as they appeared on the screen.

The kids also had a lot of fun being able to label some items throughout the house with the Spanish sticker labels that are included in the program. It also serves as a good reminder to the rest of us that we are trying to increase our Spanish vocabulary and so we purpose to try and use the Spanish word for those items.

The flashcard set includes the each of the vocabulary words in pictures as well as a set of cards with the written vocabulary word. There is a set of cards for level 1 with 25 vocabulary words; level 2 with 39 vocabulary words and level 3 with 21 vocabulary words. The instructions for the Go Squish Cardgame is similar to playing Go Fish, which most children are familiar with, but with a twist. The kids particularly enjoyed playing Go Squish!

The activity book is a full-color consumable workbook that includes many activities such as word searches, fill-in-the-blanks, secret codes and more. This was a perfect workbook for reinforcing the vocabulary words learned and was well within Sweetness’s ability to complete. We did not order a second workbook for The Boy as it was a bit above his ability level to complete.


Foreign language is important to us and we want to find new and creative ways of incorporating it into our homeschool experience. Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids made it very easy for us to begin that process! Bookworm Beauty had fun facilitating the class and being able to brush up on her own Spanish skills. We are not quite finished with Level 1 but fully anticipate completing it along with Level 2 and 3 over this coming schoolyear.


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Williams Fortune, Tara. (2016). What the Research Says About Immersion. Retrieved August 17, 2016, from




I know… I know… I’ve been M.I.A. Something strange comes over me when the temperatures start creeping up towards 90 and beyond. Like a sunflower, I come alive!

541px-Sunflower_sky_backdropI have lived this summer.

For the last several years, I have approached fall with regrets. I tend to regret all of the things I didn’t get to do during that summer break… but not this year. This year I greeted each and every day with renewed energy and wonder for what the day was going to bring forth!

Consequently, I neglected many other things. I neglected my blog. I neglected my rest. I neglected all of my indoor projects.

Yet, we played. We visited the Red Rocks, Lakeside Amusement Park and Elitch Gardens. We finally made our way to the Pueblo Zoo. We camped. We completed multiple art projects. We swam. I celebrated Angel’s 22nd birthday with her in Phoenix. We began bringing the children’s visions of a playhouse to fruition. I’ve gardened. I’ve read. And mostly, I’ve played.

It was a good summer… and as it comes to a close and we begin diving back into our homeschooling routine, I smile because I have no regrets this year. None.