I know… I know… I’ve been M.I.A. Something strange comes over me when the temperatures start creeping up towards 90 and beyond. Like a sunflower, I come alive!

541px-Sunflower_sky_backdropI have lived this summer.

For the last several years, I have approached fall with regrets. I tend to regret all of the things I didn’t get to do during that summer break… but not this year. This year I greeted each and every day with renewed energy and wonder for what the day was going to bring forth!

Consequently, I neglected many other things. I neglected my blog. I neglected my rest. I neglected all of my indoor projects.

Yet, we played. We visited the Red Rocks, Lakeside Amusement Park and Elitch Gardens. We finally made our way to the Pueblo Zoo. We camped. We completed multiple art projects. We swam. I celebrated Angel’s 22nd birthday with her in Phoenix. We began bringing the children’s visions of a playhouse to fruition. I’ve gardened. I’ve read. And mostly, I’ve played.

It was a good summer… and as it comes to a close and we begin diving back into our homeschooling routine, I smile because I have no regrets this year. None.

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