Co-op for the Non Co-op

When it comes to homeschooling co-ops, it seems that homeschoolers either love them or despise them, there’s just no in between. I had often imagined the bliss of being able to team up with others whose strengths align with my weaknesses. In theory it seems to be the perfect set up. In reality it can be anything but a perfect set up.

Once I began homeschooling, I began to see the scheduling burden a co-op could become. I stayed away from them and being so far out of town, in a rural setting, it was easy to accomplish that goal.

I befriended local homeschooling families that shared my same co-op opinions. I imagine all of our children had different ideas about co-ops (with ideas of endless play dates), but it didn’t really matter. We supported each other in our homeschooling endeavors and were available to lean upon for advice.

Then, as innocently as possible, it happened…

It started as an opportunity to get together and do some art with the kids. We had a fabulous time and really enjoyed not just the time spent doing art, but the interaction between everyone was a delight! We continued… meeting weekly on Wednesdays for the bookmobile, lunch and art. By fall, our time was spent working through Astronomy and will soon include the Human Body.

And there are talks… talks about adding a music component to our weekly gatherings… come to find out, between us 3 adults there is talent and knowledge in piano, guitar, violin and flute… well, ok… truth be told, the knowledge is between 2 of the 3 and I’m not one of them. I guess I can teach music theory…

Co-ops come in all styles and we have just happened to find a way to create one that works well for us.

If you participate in any sort of homeschool co-op, tell us about it… what works? What doesn’t?


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