Endless Science

I recently shared our experience with the owl pellet that the cats drug in. Funny thing is that when the neighbors realize that you homeschool, surprise science lessons are no longer left to just the cats.

Twice in the last week we have been blessed with really cool items to be cleaned, inspected and possibly saved for future reference.

Rodent – Kangaroo Mouse?
Owl Pellet – Rodent

My parents, which we are fortunate to have two doors down, brought up a skull that their dogs brought in. It is a pretty good size skull but we are not sure what it is yet. The kids have been able to use their skills to identify that it is a prey because the eye sockets are on the sides and that it is an herbivore because it does not have any front incisors. It is so fun to watch them utilize their knowledge to figure things out.

Skunk Skull
Skunk Skull

Then yesterday, some dear friends of ours brought two items for us to inspect. The first is a small, fully intact, skull. He had identified it as a skunk skull. The second item is another owl pellet. The Boy’s owl obsession is growing exponentially with the recent owl pellet dissection opportunities! The skull in the pellet seems to be in line with some sort of common rodent out here on the prairie such as a vole or a kangaroo mouse.

Every homeschool tends to have their thing, ours seems to be biology. It has not been something that we have set out to focus on but there are so many incredible opportunities to enjoy God’s rich world  surrounding us.

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