Time to Celebrate!


We take every opportunity possible to celebrate the many accomplishments made in our homeschool. Some are small, like The Boy finally writing his o’s and a’s properly – starting at the top and moving counter-clockwise around; and some are a bit bigger like Sweetness successfully reading her first chapter book. Then we have the more significant such as Bookworm Beauty mastering the computer keyboard and able to fully type without looking. Then, there are the monumental milestones that are worth confetti, balloons, high-fives and sometimes a full on party.

This is one of those moments.

As a homeschooling mom, I am always looking at ways of doing things more efficiently or better than the way that we are doing them. Sometimes we feel a curriculum will be a perfect fit, only to get partially through it and realizing that it is lacking in one way or another and we search for another program and make a switch. There are times that we finally find the right fit and jump in with both feet and we start the journey through the curriculum, hoping that nothing will derail us from crossing the finish line.

Last week we completed our Astronomy program through Apologia!

Let me tell you why this is monumental. I already mentioned the times that we make a switch midway because we find something else that will be a better fit for our homeschool. There are also the times, which happen most often, when we fully intend from the onset to cover only certain portions of a program for a variety of reasons. It is for these reasons that we rarely complete an entire curriculum from beginning to end.

There is something just so satisfying about this accomplishment and even more satisfying about completing the program is that the kids have learned A LOT!

We have cracked open our new science program, Human Anatomy and Physiology and are still riding the wave of excitement from completing Astronomy as we jump in with both feet. I look forward to sharing our completion of this program as well, but I’m sure it will be a while before that happens!

Am I the only one that feels this overwhelming sense of accomplishment when completing a homeschool program in its entirety?


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