A Homeschool Yearbook?

One of Bookworm Beauty’s greatest treasures are her yearbooks from Kindergarten through 3rd grade when she attended both public and charter schools. She pulls these treasured items out every so often and shares her memories with Sweetness and The Boy. During 4th grade her and Sweetness (Kindergarten at the time) attended a homeschool enrichment charter program where they participated once weekly. They were both excited to receive a yearbook from that program as well.

Last year and this year, all of the kiddos have attended a new homeschool enrichment program, that unfortunately does not put together a yearbook. They are feeling the loss of not having their years documented in some sort of formal format.

This year, along with our closest homeschool buddies, the kids have been tasked with creating a yearbook. We have outlined one of our classes much like a high school yearbook class. The kids each have a different topic that they had an interest in covering. We are walking them through every step of the way as they gather info, upload photos, create storyboard layouts and then create them electronically. We are thrilled to know that this year, we will officially have yearbooks for our homeschool.

One of the most exciting things for us is to see how our whole year of schooling is documented from some of our favorite studies to our field trips and even science experiments! I am proud of the kids for taking this project on and anxiously awaiting the ability to sign a special note in each yearbook!

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