It Is Brewing

Brewing (v.)  This word has multiple meanings and brings up a many thoughts. People think of beer or coffee. Others think of storms. Handsome, however, thinks of my idea machine that ends up costing him money. Yep. I think that is what is happening.

Please, oh please keep it a secret. We can not let him know yet, not until I can figure out all of the selling points that trigger his desires to jump on board with us.

I will let you in on the secret though, if you can keep a secret.

As a homeschooling family, one of our favorite things have been the field trips. It gives us wonderful opportunities to experience our learning outside of text books, videos and the like. We have experienced much on our field trips. We have walked  the road of the pioneers, flown flight simulators, tracked the weather, wandered through cliff dwellings, played with authentic telephone switchboards and even spent time in a historic one-room schoolhouse, and this is only the beginning of the many things that we have done. Field trips literally bring life into our learning.

This last year we have studied astronomy and human anatomy. We have continued to study Early American History as we have also continued our studies of Beethoven and Bach. Zoology is on the horizon for next year. There are so many things that we can do to support our studies. But one thing seems to be blossoming right before our eyes.

It first started on our Pioneer Road Trip late last summer when Sweet Debra brought up her desire for our next homeschool trip. She mentioned really wanting to take her kids to Chicago. I thought it was a lovely idea but I was not sure how it would fit into our upcoming studies. I realize now that she planted the seed and the seed had time to begin to sprout. Sprout it did. As I was looking into some museum ideas and things to support our current and near future studies I stumbled upon the Chicago City Pass. Wow… our family of five can visit five different city attractions in Chicago! Now here is where it gets really good… the Museum of Science and Industry has an incredible exhibit called You! The Experience. This is a perfect way for our kids to sum up all that they have learned about the human body including movement, the mind, the heart, digestion and more. Then there is the Adler Planetarium where we can further review our astronomy studies.

Image result for chicago city pass

There is more. Since next year’s studies include zoology, what a great way to study animals than from the inside out? Just a few hours from Chicago at the Milwaukee Zoo, there is currently a Body Worlds: Animal Inside Out exhibit.

And it just keeps getting better. Really, it does. There is the possibility of an Amtrak train ride, oh how we have loved the train. The City Pass also includes the Sky Deck at the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), what an awesome opportunity to visit such a historic building. I can not avoid mentioning the Chicago Dogs. Yes, Chicago Dogs… what can be better than that?

It is still merely an idea, a dream. Actually, it is brewing… and you know what that means, right? I guess I am going to have to remind Handsome that the Ghosts in the Darkness lions are at The Field Museum which just happens to be a part of the City Pass. I know that seeing these lions are somewhat on his bucket list, is that a low blow?

We will see how things develop and I’ll tell you all about the trip! (wink, wink)

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