Lessening the College Burden: A Review

The word college when spoken can elicit a myriad of responses. Many people smile, reminiscent of their fondest memories; some look up towards the sky hanging upon their future aspirations; and many, like me, cringe at the reminder of the overwhelming debt load that continues to follow us years after obtaining that coveted piece of paper declaring I have arrived. Recently, our 22 year old daughter made the decision to return to college and finish what she had started years ago. Thinking about the debt burden that typically comes along with that, I was excited to be able to offer her the ability to utilize the services of SpeedyPrep offering College Level Examination Program (CLEP) preparation.

I wish that I had known about CLEP when I went back to school. CLEP is one of those secrets that can literally save someone thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. There are currently dozens of CLEP tests available covering general education courses in Literature, Psychology, Math, History, Business, Foreign Language and Science. The tests are held in many locations nationwide, one may find one within a reasonable distance from their home from nearly everywhere. Most tests cost less than $100 and take only a couple of hours, a mere fraction of the time and cost of attending a semester long course at a local college or even online.

Although appearing a much easier way to navigate the college journey, it is not necessarily as easy as it first appears. Passing the tests can be a challenge for most people without studying the materials. There are books available for purchase and even many found in local libraries, which may be a good option for a student that learns well perusing written material. Many people that I know would do better with something a bit more interactive. This is where SpeedyPrep comes in.

SpeedyPrep is an online subscription-based CLEP preparation service offering 24 courses for nearly pennies in comparison to the cost of traditional college. It gets even better – SpeedyPrep offers a 100% Pass Guarantee! I have never seen a college offer their students a full money-back guarantee if the student completed the course and failed the class, yet SpeedyPrep does exactly that. If a student completes a SpeedyPrep course, yet fails the CLEP exam, they will refund your money. I do not know of a safer college investment than that. It gets even better still! There are enough courses available that a student could CLEP through their first year of college and more.

SpeedyPrep’s Information Systems course has given me a better understanding of my computer. I feel more prepared now for taking the CLEP test as well as being able to get better use out of my computer for future classes. There is a lot of information packed into this course! -Angel, 22

In our situation, SpeedyPrep is saving my daughter hundreds of dollars, not to mention time. She spent a year at a local university right out of high school and decided to take some time off. After wandering through life for a few years, she has meandered her way back home to return to school. Fortunately, for her, she had a reasonable amount of credits already accumulated as she enrolled into her Athletic Sciences degree program. There were, however, a few classes that she still needed that she is able to fulfill through a CLEP test.

After setting up our account on SpeedyPrep, she began working through the Business course – Information Systems. She is nearly ready to take the CLEP exam. Unfortunately, she has not taken it yet so I can not inform you as to whether or not SpeedyPrep has fully prepared her for passing. She is feeling rather confident, however and believes that the service provided by SpeedyPrep is more than adequate. Her greatest delight is the savings of time and money, both of which a young college student tends to have a shortage of as they navigate their own college journey.

One of the best features of SpeedyPrep is the ability to work on any one area that you desire. For example, in Angel’s Information Systems course there are several sections to work through, including: Business Strategies, Computing Devices & Functions, Data Concepts, Data Management, Design & Standards, Web Strategies and so much more. When you are working on a section, such as Hardware, you are given questions such as this: 

But wait! You may be thinking… if CLEP tests are multiple choice, why do I have to type in answers? The idea behind SpeedyPrep is to make sure that you have actually mastered the content before attempting the exam – they are after all offering you a full money back guarantee! If someone reviews it the way that SpeedyPrep has laid out, they should be able to breeze through the multiple choice questions on the CLEP test itself.

The built-in reinforcement is another feature to focus on. For example, if you get an answer wrong, you get an immediate explanation. Reading the explanations are a great reinforcement study tool and may look like this:

Another feature worth mentioning are the many videos that can be watched. Although these are not the main teaching mechanism, they are a fabulous supplement to what you may already know or are learning through the course itself.

Lastly, and probably the single greatest feature, is its affordability. Subscription options are available monthly ($19.95), quarterly ($53.87) and annually ($179.55). Can it get any better? It does, ALL of their courses are available freely during your subscription period. Yes, I said all. This allows a student to work through multiple subjects at a time, continuing to increase their overall savings.

In my opinion, CLEP tests are the wisest choice for most people going to college and SpeedyPrep is the greatest preparation tool a student could have.


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