Getting Beyond the Foot Bone

Do you remember the bone song that we sung as kids? The foot bone’s connected to the leg bone… the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone…

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We are currently studying Human Anatomy and Physiology. I must say that we are thoroughly enjoying it too! I can not help myself, I have to shout out for Apologia for once again producing another outstanding science curriculum with their Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology! This was not a review product for us. We have enjoyed Apologia’s science programs so much so that we have invested in the full sets of the Anatomy and Physiology, the Chemistry and Physics and soon we will be purchasing both the Zoology and Botany Curriculums. ***this is not a solicited endorsement, it’s simply my honest acclamation***

Image result for the foot bone's connected to the leg boneBack to Human Anatomy and Physiology. There is so much to learn about our amazing and wonderfully created bodies. I’m a mom, in my 40’s. I have three adult children in their 20’s. I also have three younger children, under 12. I have homeschooled for nearly a decade in total over the years and I have a master’s degree. I’m educated. I also believe I am fairly knowledgeable, yet I am continually learning things that I did not know about the human body through this program.

Right now we are finishing up the bones of the body and moving into the muscular system. I remember early on in college, I learned the bones of the body. I was challenged by the professor to learn the scientific names of the bones, all 206 of them. Our kids are elementary age, and they are still sponges. They have memorized close to a hundred verses over the years in their Awana program. Certainly they, too, can learn the bones of the body.

The bar has been raised. The challenge has been thrown out there. The kids have learned that I am planning a special hiking day at one of my favorite Colorado State Parks. I have not been in several years and it is really a big deal for them to go with me. They just have to memorize the bones to earn their spot.

Today, there are many more resources available than when I was in school. Gone are the days of black text on white paper for studying things like bones. We found a couple of really fun YouTube videos with bone songs by Mr. Parr, a creative sixth grade teacher. Google him and you will find a whole assortment of songs to teach students various facts. This Bone Song and the Parts of the Skeleton songs are amazing, and quite hilarious too. Yes, it is about to get real fun around here!



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