A Product that Every Human on Earth needs daily!

Guest Post by Keith Flint

Keith Flint – GodsWaterBoy.Com

When you think about what a Body needs, Daily, three things come to mind.  Air, Water and Nutrition!  And yet, the world is full of attempts to sell  you every thing except the best of the above.

What would it mean to you to discover that you could have a Machine in your kitchen that restores your local water to the quality of a Snowflake? Pure, Energized, Natural and Healing!

AND that the water you produced could be shared with your family and friends with amazing results coming back to you. Acid Reflux gone; Gout gone; Irritable Bowel Syndrome gone; Arthritis gone; Energy restored; Sleep improved; Mental clarity renewed? and the list could go on and on.

A pipe dream?  NO!  A fact!

Really, Water can do that? Well, what is your body supposed to be 75% of?  …..Water!  BUT, Isn’t all water pretty much the same?  Not in this world.

check out this independent brief web video www.KangenDemo.com

Now, what if the Company that produces this machine was a privately held, business that wanted you to share the water your machine produced. Don’t you think that they would want to reward YOU the customer, for referring those like  yourself who wanted a unit in their kitchen for the rest of their life?

Supposing that this water was so effective that if you shared it, people began to discover the results in their own body, proven by medical tests showing restoration of cholesterol levels, lowered blood pressure, increased Oxygen delivery, improved Liver enzymes, etc  Don’t you think that they would be asking you “How can I get a machine like  yours?”

Well 10 years ago, I started sharing water freely, no gimmicks, no pressure, no underlying sales efforts, with my friends, FROM MY KITCHEN!  They began to come weekly to refill their bottles, sometimes from over 90 miles away!  and yes, they began to ask “How do I get a machine like yours?”

That was 10 years ago, today I have a plastic bin with over 5,000 referral check stubs in it.  I have people with every kind of testimony of how the water helped their body restore itself and the disease symptoms that it shed.

By the way, yes the machine cost nearly $4000 back then. But it paid for itself in just 3 months and has been a steady income ever since.

You say, ” You must spend a lot of time and travel to make that kind of money!”  LOL, I spent about 18 months sharing from my kitchen, doing a few small meetings in friends homes answering questions and a couple of citywide Hotel meetings to educate others.  But after 18 months, retirement circumstances put me in a new community many miles from my 28 years of relationship building in Oregon. My living in a 2nd story condominium, with limited parking made giving water away nearly impossible.  And I desperately needed a Retirement break to spend time with my grandchildren. YET! the checks just kept coming in!

I’m not here to tell you that every person who shares the water will have the same result that I had, but there have been over 32 who have exceeded a 6 figure income over the past years that got started because I shared water from my home.

Doesn’t it make sense to take a little time to discover about a water that can change your Life, not only in it’s Health, but in your Wealth also?

Please check out 9 videos about the water and the worlds problem with whats available to you at this time. www.HSCWater.net/keithf

Or perhaps www.ChangeToWater.com/PurifyingH2O

OR if you have questions, please text me that you would like a call. Keith Flint (GodsWaterBoy) 720-281-3965

Have a truly Blessed Life! Drink enough good water to  make a difference.

Captain Absolutely: A Superhero Worthy of Being Looked Up To


The Boy (6) eagerly checked the mailbox for several days as he anxiously anticipated the arrival of our recent review product, Captain Absolutely by Focus On The Family. You would have thought it was Christmas the day that the book finally arrived!

Although a first grader and a decent reader, immediately The Boy let Bookworm Beauty (11) read it aloud to him. I am pretty sure that she forcibly suggested doing so, but regardless when I turned around I found two kiddos snuggled up on the couch reading together. Before long, Sweetness had found her way into the readers circle and together they took it all in. I am not certain how much they read that afternoon, but they remained in their positions on the couch for quite some time.

The following day, we had a houseful of kids and the sun was shining radiantly as most everyone enjoyed the fantastic spring day. I then noticed that Bookworm Beauty and her friend (13) were sitting on the couch reading it aloud with each other! I had to chuckle. It was one of those fun sights to see but I had to force them to stop and get outside to enjoy the beautiful day.

The Boy spots Captain Absolutely on the New Releases shelf at the Focus On The Family Bookstore

Bookworm Beauty took it upon herself to read the entire book within the first few days of us having it. She admitted to me that she had been just as anxious for it’s arrival as The Boy was. Over the last several months she had been reading snippets of the comic in the Focus On The Family Clubhouse Magazine that we receive whenever we visit the Focus On The Family center in Colorado Springs.

Most of the book has been read to The Boy by Bookworm Beauty. I finally got a chance to sit down with The Boy and do some reading and found the story a bit choppy. I can not help it, I have never been one to enjoy comics. I have been told that it is not choppy it is simply a comic book. Ok, I stand corrected! The story itself seemed well written and is about a superhero named Captain Absolutely who fights against relativism with God’s Word (truth). The book retails at $9.99 and the suggested age range is 8-12 years old, which is a perfect fit for my family. The Boy is almost seven and although he had a difficult time reading the book alone, he had no difficulty following along and enjoying it being read to him.

As a Christian parent, I really appreciate God’s Word woven throughout the entire story. There are several bible verses laced throughout the entire book and the gospel message of salvation is shared.

Captain Absolutely has found it’s permanent home on the The Boy’s beside bookshelf alongside his bible. I imagine this is a book that he will read and reread and continue to enjoy.

Institute for Excellence in Writing: Review

Call me crazy, but I was thrilled to be able to review the High School Essay Intensive program by Institute for Excellence in Writing. Even crazier, I enjoyed the entire 5 hours of DVD instruction!

Let me explain. I am a homeschooling mother and my greatest frustration in educating my children over the years has been centered around writing. I can remember in the earlier days I literally would sit in bed at night in tears because I could not teach them to write. I was constantly trying to figure out where to draw the line between telling them what to write and having them write their own pieces. It was back then that I first heard of Institute for Excellence in Writing and Andrew Pudewa’s method of teaching writing. Following some of his key ideas allowed me to feel a bit liberated and enabled me to relax more in our homeschool classroom, even during writing time.

As the kids grew, and I grew in my understanding of how to teach writing, their writing skills continued to improve. We have come a long way from my nearly giving up and quitting homeschooling to the kids producing great writing. Surprisingly, writing has become one of our favorite subjects!

To start with, Institute for Excellence in Writing never lets down with their presentation. Everything arrived in a nice full-colored box that fits well upon a shelf, keeping the items protected. However, if the box is cumbersome or takes up too much space, it can be eliminated as the DVD set has it’s own beautiful leather-type case. Also included is a high-quality tri-fold pocket folder holding the seminar notes. The folder itself is extremely useful. It is titled Portable Walls for the Essayist and all six sides have important writing notes covering topics such as: Types of Essays, Essay Models, Essay Writing Process, Essay Writing Strategies, Sentence Pattern Variety, Specific Models, Transitional Words and Phrases, and more.

The DVD’s themselves provide more than five hours of instruction on the various strategies for writing essays. Two of the DVD’s provide specific instruction on writing the optional essays when taking the ACT or the SAT tests. These were informative, even for an individual not planning on taking the tests as they provide a strategy for breaking down the task of writing an essay in a short amount of time, covering an assigned topic. Although the essay portion is not exactly required for all students taking the exams, it is worth understanding the tests themselves and how to write an essay that will score well if a student is planning on taking them for college. The tests are timed and can be well practiced beforehand, building confidence for any student.

Our kids are still young and finishing the first, second and sixth grades; hardly the age to fully benefit from the High School Essay Intensive. I was thrilled to receive the product anyway. I knew that Mr. Pudewa would lace this program with many nuggets of wisdom that I can incorporate into our homeschool classroom, and he did not let down. Even more exciting is that as I watched the five DVD’s from my computer, with my headphones on,  the kids could not help but be curious as to what I was doing. I unplugged the headphones a couple of times and they would listen in for a few minutes and then go find something else to do, with the exception of Bookworm Beauty (11). She planted herself next to me, looking disinterested as she slowly crept closer and closer. Then the funniest thing happened! Andrew was telling the viewer to pause the film and complete a task, which I did not do because I was only viewing the program, and she said, “Can we pause the film and do the activity?” Wow! I did not expect to be doing this review product, but rather just gaining knowledge as a parent needing to teach her kids. I relented, eagerly of course.

Bookworm Beauty did not follow the activity as expected on the DVD. Instead of writing an essay and working through it as she followed along with the program, she instead transferred the skills outlined to a writing piece that she is already doing in school. For example, she took out her first rough draft for chapter one of a six -chapter book that she is writing in class and went through it to identify her sentence patterns. She quickly realized that she tends to write subject opener sentences. After walking through the Sentence Pattern Variety activity she went through her rough draft and made several sentence revisions to make her writing more lively and a pleasure to read.

The following afternoon, Bookworm Beauty went back and reviewed the DVD’s that I had already watched. She said that she is really glad that we have this program because Mr. Pudewa breaks down the writing process into an understandable format that can be used for lots of things. Recognizing that she is still pretty young and will not be taking the ACT or the SAT for years to come, she will hopefully have excellent essay writing skills by then as a result of his methods of teaching.

At a mere $79, the High School Essay Intensive is an excellent resource for any homeschool classroom!

Move over Wheaties!

We have been starting the day the best way possible, nourishing our body and our minds by breaking the fast the right way with healthy proteins, minimal carbohydrates and Algebra for Breakfast. My children have truly enjoyed our review of Algebra For Breakfast Grades 3/4 and Grades 5/6 math enrichment programs.

Bob Hazen has a wonderful and simple way of teaching various math concepts that help us to fully understand math. All three of my kids are fairly confident in math and rarely are they struggling to grasp mathematical concepts. However, his methods of teaching concepts, even some that they already knew, deepened their understanding and moved them from grasping to mastering. A good example of this is his lesson titled First Name, Last Name. He explains that virtually everything in the world around us has both a first name and a last name. The wooden table: first name wooden, last name table; the red blocks: first name red, last name blocks; Sally Smith: first name Sally and last name Smith. Math is no exception. The first name of anything mathematical is the number itself or how many; while the last name is what it is. This is a foundational concept that helped my children understand the importance of grouping like things while working through math problems.

Algebra for Breakfast provides lessons for 3/4 grades or 5/6 grades and teaches the use of hands-on manipulatives  to further understanding and enable mastery. The 164-piece set of math manipulatives by Mortenson Math, math dice and their skip counting CD is necessary for completing the program and is available for $122 (includes shipping and the first month of access to Algebra for Breakfast lessons). A reduced package is available for individuals that already own the Mortenson Math manipulatives and includes the dice, the CD and the first month of access to lessons for $42. The last option available is for those that already own all of the manipulatives; for $22 per month.

The lessons themselves are online video clips of Bob Hazen teaching a concept to a class of kids. It is nice for viewers to be able to hear the answers to other kids’ questions when watching an authentic teaching. You also have the ability to watch and go back and review anything presented along the way. Each lesson also provides a downloadable worksheet to coincide with the concept taught.

My only frustration with this program is of the website itself. I found myself lost on this site, more than once. I quickly learned to not click on my name when I got lost. I had assumed that it would lead me to a customer portal; it did not. It took me to my dashboard where I could enter profile information and it seems to be a WordPress dashboard for the website itself. It was confusing. Oftentimes I would need to go from a grades 3/4 lesson to a grades 5/6 lesson and inevitably I would get lost somewhere. Fortunately, I would just go to the history on my address bar and find what I was looking for. For me, this was just a frustrating inconvenience that I was able to see beyond. I am not looking into this program to have a fanciful online experience but rather to have rich math lessons!

We used this program many times throughout our review period. Our kids are in grades 1, 2 and 6. We reviewed several of the grades 3/4 lessons but spent far more time viewing grades 5/6 lessons together. I found that with his instruction and our working on the worksheets together, the younger kids were able to follow along quite well. However, I would not have done this if I only had younger kids that did not already have a solid mastery of quick mental addition and a decent understanding of multiplication. For us, this worked well.

The use of the math manipulatives made this program not just easier to follow but also easier for the kids to see the mathematical concepts. These really are essential to this program and I could argue they are simply essential to math period. The more that the kids can actually experience math, the greater their mastery will be and the greater their mastery of the basic concepts the less they will struggle in all levels of math.

We enjoyed this program and will continue to work through the lessons. Move over Kix, Algebra for Breakfast is kids tested and mother approved!

***FREE*** Human Body Bones Resources

Learning the names of all of the bones of the body can be a bit daunting for many people, especially elementary aged kids. I have challenged mine (1st, 2nd and 6th grade) to learn them all as we are currently working our way through Human Anatomy & Physiology. As always, when bars are raised high I try to provide them with all of the necessary tools to make it a successful endeavor.

The first thing we did, after learning “the foot bone’s connected to the leg bone… the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone…”, was to go through each of them one by one. As their eyes began to glaze over, I assured them that it will certainly get easier.

Our next step was for me to call out the scientific names and let them attempt to identify it. We laughed as we thought about the many times we’ve asked a baby, “where’s your nose?” and there I was calling out in the most baby-approved tone possible, “where’s your femur?”

It did not take long for the kids to begin to remember where their bones were. However, they continue to struggle with remembering the name proper name when the common name is called out. I decided to make some flash cards to make the challenge easier. It has certainly made things easier too!

At first I printed the flash cards onto different color pages so that each child could have their own set. I cut out the pages and planned on putting each card back to back with the proper complementary card and then laminating them. I thought that I would then hole punch them and attach a key ring so that they would each have a set of flip-flash-cards but they confiscated them from me before I was able to finish my project. Kids confiscating educational resources is always a good thing, so I let them play on!

Later, I found that they had engaged in a game of matching the flashcards. They laid their set of cards out, faced down, and played a game of Memory by matching the common names with the proper names. After finishing that I suggested that they could play a game of Go Fish which required more knowledge because they had to ask for the complimentary card, not the card that they held in their hand, to make a match!

It is fun to see them eager to learn the name of the bones of the body! Now I get to plan a special hiking day for the kids that manage to learn them all.

I am sharing the with you and would love to hear how you and your children have used them!

FREE Human Body (Bones) Flashcards PDF Download!


The Secret Bridge: A Review

It has been a pleasure to watch our Lamplighter Publishing library grow over these last several months. I have just completed my fifth novel this year from their collection, The Secret Bridge, written by Amy Le Feuvre 1899.

The Secret Bridge is a new release from Lamplighter Publishing who is on a mission to build Christlike character one story at a time by editing and republishing quality works from years past. Each Lamplighter Publishing book I have had the privilege to read has drawn me in from the first moment I laid my eyes upon them. If it were appropriate for me to judge a book by it’s cover alone, each of their books would rank high. The Secret Bridge would certainly be no exception to that, as it is a beautiful turquoise 272-page hard back book that takes center stage as it snuggles alongside the other Lamplighter Publishing books on our shelf. The front cover displays a delicately carved inlaid scene while the bold title near the bottom  is engraved into an gold embossed banner. The hard back cover itself is of a leathery silky texture that begs you to touch and makes it very difficult to set down.

The story, The Secret Bridge, is a tale that promotes many Christlike character qualities such as diligence, perseverance and faithfulness. Bridget, a young lady left penniless and without family when she arrives in London upon her father’s death, is befriended by Godfrey Bullingham, a gentleman that takes it upon himself to see her through and makes her his wife. He leaves her comfortable and well cared for among his friends and family while he departs on sea, but begs of her to keep one small secret until his return. Being a lady of character, Bridget struggles with keeping the secret as it requires a bit of deception on her part, but she remains faithful to her husband. Throughout the course of this tale of love, Bridget finds herself learning to draw near unto God and to acquaint thyself unto Him. Her diligence and perseverance in seeking God and remaining faithful to her husband uncovers more secrets and sets her up to become a desperately needed bridge between others.

This story was a little slow-starting for me and took me longer than normal to get through the first two chapters. However, after the story moved along, I could not put it down and ended up reading the second half of the book in one afternoon!

Having been a homeschooling mother for four years after completing seven years of college myself, I have not had much time to read for pleasure. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking time out for myself to enjoy tales such as The Secret Bridge. As with all other Lamplighter Publishing books, I met knew friends in this one and was ambivalent about reading the last page and saying farewell. I long for more of the story and have to settle instead for meeting new friends once again through another Lamplighter Publishing book!


ArtAchieve: Review

For the sake of blogging, I chose to name Bookworm Beauty as such for seemingly obvious reasons as her nose is often planted into the middle of a book. However, I have considered changing her name to Dancing Brush as her creativity and artistic abilities have been developing as a result of many fabulous art reviews that we have been blessed to participate in. Our most recent, and a favorite, art review is Entire Level IV of ArtAchieve.

ArtAchieve is an online subscription based art program. John Hofland, author and instructor, provides fascinating art instruction from places around the world and has a wonderful way of incorporating history, geography, social studies, literature and other subjects into the lesson itself. They currently offer five levels of art instruction; we received level four (IV). Annual subscriptions to lessons are available either individually for $4-6 each, in groups of three for $10-16, entire levels for $30-45 or the entire curriculum (all levels) for $222.50.

Although we all enjoy art in our home, Level IV is a bit more advanced and generally for ages 10 and above. Typically, when it comes to art, all of the kids sit through a lesson and enjoy our time creating. With Level IV, however The Boy (6) gave up quickly. I think he may have been able to follow the instructions and complete the lessons but he set his mind to it being too advanced. Sweetness (8) did not give up as easily and enjoyed completing the Hawaiian Heliconia and the Chinese Horse. Bookworm Beauty (11), however is not only capable, but interested in art and Level IV seemed to be a perfect fit for her.



We appreciate many things about ArtAchieve. To start, John Hofland has a pleasant and welcoming demeanor, making him easy to listen to. The way that he presents additional knowledge around the art piece instruction causes this homeschool mom to do a happy dance. Oftentimes, it incites interest for further exploration. Our favorites this year were the Hawaiian Heliconia, The Stained Glass Nativity Window and The Ukranian Face with Hidden Surprises. Sweetness really enjoyed The Chinese Horse: Drawing the Entire Horse, but mostly because she has a fascination with horses and really wanted to learn to draw one well.

Sweetness (8) and The Ukranian Face With Hidden Surprises

Another benefit of ArtAchieve is that the supplies needed for completing a lesson are minimal, which makes it a good fit for most families. Lessons are easily followed and are available in two formats; they can be viewed by either video or through a PowerPoint presentation.

The greatest benefit (besides enjoying the completed artwork) is that each lesson also provides a list of suggestions for making cross-curricular connections. For example, it was fun to not just learn about the Chinese Ming Dynasty but also about how color has symbolic meanings in China. It was fascinating to learn about hidden art in famous pieces such as Van Gogh’s work when we completed the Ukranian Face with Hidden Surprises. It was also nice to tie into our earlier weather studies and learning about rain shadows while completing the Hawaiian Heliconia.


Art isn’t just art with ArtAchieve. Once you have completed a few of the lessons, from any level, one begins to view the world around them with a new appreciation. We know that there is more to art than just the art that is seen and find ourselves desiring to uncover the meanings of various cultural art pieces that we see in the marketplace or places that we visit. I appreciate the way that ArtAchieve has presented many fascinating facts and history into cultural art lessons, opening our eyes to the world around us.

My Ukranian Face With Hidden Surprises

Give ArtAchieve a shot. Enjoy the FREE lessons provided and see for yourself!