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Learning the names of all of the bones of the body can be a bit daunting for many people, especially elementary aged kids. I have challenged mine (1st, 2nd and 6th grade) to learn them all as we are currently working our way through Human Anatomy & Physiology. As always, when bars are raised high I try to provide them with all of the necessary tools to make it a successful endeavor.

The first thing we did, after learning “the foot bone’s connected to the leg bone… the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone…”, was to go through each of them one by one. As their eyes began to glaze over, I assured them that it will certainly get easier.

Our next step was for me to call out the scientific names and let them attempt to identify it. We laughed as we thought about the many times we’ve asked a baby, “where’s your nose?” and there I was calling out in the most baby-approved tone possible, “where’s your femur?”

It did not take long for the kids to begin to remember where their bones were. However, they continue to struggle with remembering the name proper name when the common name is called out. I decided to make some flash cards to make the challenge easier. It has certainly made things easier too!

At first I printed the flash cards onto different color pages so that each child could have their own set. I cut out the pages and planned on putting each card back to back with the proper complementary card and then laminating them. I thought that I would then hole punch them and attach a key ring so that they would each have a set of flip-flash-cards but they confiscated them from me before I was able to finish my project. Kids confiscating educational resources is always a good thing, so I let them play on!

Later, I found that they had engaged in a game of matching the flashcards. They laid their set of cards out, faced down, and played a game of Memory by matching the common names with the proper names. After finishing that I suggested that they could play a game of Go Fish which required more knowledge because they had to ask for the complimentary card, not the card that they held in their hand, to make a match!

It is fun to see them eager to learn the name of the bones of the body! Now I get to plan a special hiking day for the kids that manage to learn them all.

I am sharing the with you and would love to hear how you and your children have used them!

FREE Human Body (Bones) Flashcards PDF Download!


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