Prairie Joys

When we made the decision to move to the prairie, we dreamed of all of the open space and the ability to spread our arms. We were excited to be far enough from our neighbors to not know when they were home or what they were doing. We delighted in the ability to work the land, building a garden and raising animals.

After three years, most of our dreams have been fulfilled, albeit a little at a time. We knew there would be challenges but there were a few things that we were not necessarily prepared for. Coexisting with rattlesnakes, was something we had not choice to be prepared for. The windy conditions is another thing we knew we would need to get used to. The one area that we were aware of but did not really prepare for was the wide open space, literally wide open. In other words, not a single tree in sight on our 35-acre spread.

Getting trees to thrive in our windy, arid conditions is not for the faint at heart. Fortunately, for us, we are not faint at heart, we are bold and courageous and have set about bringing trees to our barren land. The first two years were unsuccessful, but this year we have witnessed growth on our trees! It may be only an inch, but we celebrate as if they have grown ten feet!

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