Our Annual Read-a-Thon has Commenced

For many families, June marks the beginning of long drawn out days of basking in the sunshine and endless fun. We delight in our fabulous fun times outdoors, just like most others, but June marks the beginning of daring adventures, heroes, folklore and more. Yes, for us, it marks the beginning of exploring piles of books!

We always participate in our local library reading programs and sometimes we even venture out to neighboring libraries to participate in theirs as well. Before you shake your head, realize that we have a policy of only applying our reading time to a single program at a time. More programs means more reading.

This year our library teamed up with Beanstack and is taking their summer reading program to a whole new level! Participants earn badges for completing various activities (including reading) from nine different areas such as play, listen, write, make, and more. Each category has several activity options; kids select a few items to complete to earn the corresponding badge. If they complete all 70 activities they will earn the coveted Master Engineer badge.

It is exciting to see the kids looking over the activities and planning out the adventures to come. I am hoping to take you along with us to see our progress. Our first stop is to find a geocache tomorrow…

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