The Ultimate Planner

A subscription to Homeschool Planet  was provided to us through our

participation of the Homeschool Review Crew for review purposes

Planning may very well be the single most important element of my homeschooling family and after subscribing to and using Homeschool Planet through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, we may be gathering together for a calendar burning party! This program has been nothing short of a perfect fit for our busy family’s many needs.

I have been searching high and low for the perfect planner over the years, physical or electronic and have tried several in the process. In the end I began to accept, reluctantly, that I would simply need to accept the fact that I would need to continue to use multiple planners or systems. Which was a fate that assured that some things would fall through the cracks. After years of pondering the perfect planner, you could imagine my delight as I was able to mentally check off each element that I would include in the perfect planner as I watched the introduction video of Homeschool Planet.

Not wanting to wait another day to get started in planning our crazy life, I set up my free 30-day trial of Homeschool Planet before my review period even started. To do this, I first had to join the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Looking back, I am glad that I had to join the Homeschool Buyers Co-op because I had heard about this group over the last few years and kept putting off looking into joining it because I did not realize that it was a FREE resource. Yes, I am kicking myself now for missing out on this fabulous group that provides their members with discounts on many products and curriculum.

To make this FREE membership of the co-op and the FREE trial of Homeschool Planet even more incredible was that I also received a FREE lesson plan (a $5-15 value) from their Homeschool Planet Lesson Plan Marketplace. PLEASE NOTE – this FREE lesson plan deal is only being offered as an incentive for the month of June 2017. Of course, I chose a free lesson plan. I selected IEW Poetry Memorization to allow us to add it into our new electronic removing-the-stress-and-chaos-family-planner. Simple. Quick. I was even able to select which of the 125 days of lessons that I wanted to move into the calendar as we are well into the curriculum already. Within minutes we had an entire lesson plan in our planner! The best part is that as life happens and schedules change, I do not have to dread the process of changing things in our planner; I simply (yes… there’s that word again… simple) shift the lessons forward however many days needed. I can shift the one lesson or apply it to all of the lessons, I can even choose whether to apply it to one person or all!

It gets better! Handsome and I used to use a phone app that was a combined calendaring system. We managed our previously very busy household, pre-homeschooling days, to keep track of the older three high school girls’ schedule. We had the ability to maintain to-do lists and shopping lists, as well. It was wonderful. However, it was seriously coming up short when I began homeschooling and needing to plan our schooling as well. As I experimented with other planning systems, they were coming up seriously short when they could not include the features that we had relied on from our other electronic system. Those struggles are over… Homeschool Planet allows the ability to add multiple widgets! We have added shopping lists, which can be separated by stores, and to-do lists as well. Not only are the lists on the planner, they can be sent to our cell phones! Next time that Handsome is unable to get in touch with me, on his way home, to find out the grocery needs that I have, as we live an hour away from any stores, he can simply text SHOP to our planner number and the list is sent back immediately. I can also click the “send” button and the list will be emailed to us both. Ahhhhh, I can literally feel stress melting.

It gets better still! I was able to include the kids’ chores into the calendar! Not only can I add their ongoing chores, I can also add additional one-time chores as needed, with notes that indicate the value of that chore. This is going to make Handsome’s job much easier when he sits down to pay the bills and determines how much they have earned for the month. For me, what is more exciting about this element is the accountability. Handsome can look on the calendar during the day while he is at work and know whether or not their individual chores are done for the day. He can also see about their schoolwork, music or sports practice, or whatever else is going on in each individual life, such as appointments.

We are in full-swing summer mode around here. Yes, there are things to do still, but school scheduling needs are slim. As a result, we are not using the planner to it’s full potential. I am okay with that. We are learning it together, as a family, and creating a new normal. We will be well into our new planner habit by the time school is in full swing in August.

Although the ability to add lesson plans and homeschooling tasks is expected, I need to also share that this really is a whole family planner. Each individual can look at their own schedule or they can look at the whole family schedule. Lists can be made individually as well, so Bookworm Beauty and Sweetness can maintain their own lists of things that they want to work on or accomplish, beyond school. Birthdays can be added with notifications placed on the calendar. This is literally a whole family maintenance system. It is also a gradebook and I can keep track of hours and even generate transcripts. I feel like I can go on and on about the many facets of Homeschool Planet and I think I have only scratched the surface in understanding all of it’s features.

I keep discovering new elements of the Homeschool Planet program. I have always been one to jump in and figure things out instead of investing time in reviewing manuals and such. However, I decided with this program that I really wanted to understand it’s capacity. I plan to use this life-saving resource for our family, well beyond reviewing it. Fortunately for me, there are several tutorials on how to use different features. This shortened the learning curve immensely. Whenever I want to learn a new thing, I watch another tutorial and decide if it is a feature that I want to add to my planner.

I have one fear with this program. It is entirely electronic. It is not a program stored on my computer so I have no control in it’s storage. I have to have total faith in the hosting servers that our planner will be there each and every day. There are abilities to print out calendars (nice for a road trip day) but something that I will be unlikely to use on an ongoing basis. I am confident that the system will be in place without fail for the most part but I believe it is important to plan for the unexpected issues that can happen. Most schools have “Snow Days” accounted for in their annual schedule In our community it isn’t “Snow Days” per se, it is “Mud Days” from rainy days and dirt roads. As homeschoolers, weather rarely has an effect on us, but we can learn from the school systems planning and we will have “Unexpected Days” in our school. Simply preparing for the possibility of a server going down, maintenance needs (that I did not prepare for) or the like, relieves even more stress. If we wake up one day and the planner is out for some reason, we will officially be utilizing one of our “Unexpected Days” and either move into a pajama read-in schedule, impromptu field trip or any other on-the-spot-decisions we happen to make. Pre-planning for such possibilities just makes me smile.

This next school year already feels less chaotic. There is no reason to spend another day feeling overwhelmed with the many tasks of a busy homeschool mom. Maybe I will have some time to read a book entirely for pleasure this next year.



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