I Didn’t Think Our Family Time Could Get Any Better

Products were provided to us through our participation of the Homeschool Review Crew for review purposes

Oh, the adventures we have been on, and it has been worth the wait! When I first started with the Review Crew, I quickly learned about the opportunities to review Heirloom Audio products. I also learned, just as quickly, how coveted those review spots were. Twice in the last two years, I was not given the privilege, but the third time was a charm! I literally squealed when I heard that I was selected to review In the Reign of Terror by Heirloom Audio Productions.

I could go on and on about many things pertaining to this audio drama. I could share about the historical story line and how the main character, a young man named Harry, visits France as the French Revolution broke out. I could also share about the caliber of actors and actresses that recorded the program. I could even share details of the sound effects that made this audio drama so captivating.

Instead I want to share about the things that I noticed in my home with this program. We really enjoy family read-alouds for our family time and are often in the middle of more than one great book. We also enjoy quality, family appropriate movies. It is only natural to assume that we would enjoy an audio drama as well, which we had not tried previously. Wow, were we missing out!

It seemed a bit difficult, at first, to get everyone together at the same time, but once we did it was amazing. I felt like we may have been experiencing entertainment similar to what my mother experienced as a child sitting in front of the radio, hanging on every word in the program. She would chuckle when she told us about how they would watch the radio the way we watched the television. I had a sense of nostalgic pride thinking of my mom that passed last year and what she would think of her grandchildren staring at the radio.

Even Jasper enjoys watching the radio during In the Reign of Terror.

I have to admit, I had a difficult time following the story and I really had to focus on paying attention. I know that I am not an audio learner and I even prefer subtitles on movies so that I can read through the movie. I was better prepared the second time we gathered together to listen to more of In the Reign of Terror. I had taken the time to visit Live the Adventure Club, Heirloom Audio’s fabulous family friendly educational entertainment website, that is simply above and beyond what I could have hoped for. As a side note*** anyone can enjoy a FREE 3-month trial of the Live the Adventure Club and also receive their newest release, Captain Bayley’s Heir, for $1!*** I logged into our Live the Adventure Club site and was able to open up the actual script for In the Reign of Terror. This was an amazing help for me to follow along. There is even the ability to have each individual word highlighted as the story is being told when you listen to the audio drama online. What an amazing feature for new or struggling readers! There is so much thought that went into the Live the Adventure Club website by Heirloom Audio Productions. I highly recommend that you visit the site and take advantage of the FREE 3-month trial. Members receive discounts on Heirloom Audio products, children can even earn additional discounts or credits for products by completing various kids activities.

Bookworm Beauty taking the Chapter 15 – Robespierre Quiz

In the Reign of Terror summary by Bookworm Beauty (12): a young British man named Harry went to France to teach a noble family (The Marquis) English while they would teach him French and their customs. While he was there, the Reign of Terror (the French Revolution happened.) The kids managed to escape the angry mob. While they were living in hiding the father and grandmother were caught and killed just for being a noble family and followers of the King and Queen.

While in hiding, Harry and his friend Victor went to see the sentencing of noble families. During that, Victor’s father was sentenced to death. His grief caused him to become ill. Harry went to get Victor’s fiance Marie Marquis. Harry tried to ensure that the coast was clear, but Marie couldn’t wait for him to get back and went on alone. A member of the Public Safety Committee took Marie to be held in jail until her sentencing…. To find out what happens next, you’ll just have to listen!

We also received and downloaded the 43-page Study Guide for In the Reign of Terror. The first time we sat to listen to the program, we had not yet taken advantage of the Study Guide. However, the second time, we were well armed to take advantage of all that we could learn from this program with this guide. Like most study guides, there are comprehension or discussion questions. First, there are Listening Well questions which are easy enough for even the younger kids. “What’s the name of the family dog?” is a great example of these questions. Then there are the Thinking Further, more difficult and thought-provoking questions such as, “In traditional etiquette, it’s improper for a man to shake a woman’s hand unless she offers it. Why do the rules of etiquette and courtesy make this difference between the way a man greets a man and the way he greets a woman?” The first question draws out a simple answer where the second question elicits discussion and enables us to further the kids’ understanding of times past as well as how it relates (or compares) to our culture today.

Coloring pages are available for download. This is a picture of Harry saving the girls from the mad dog.

To take things even further, there are Expand Your Learning sections that provide background, history, examples and more. We really enjoyed the section on 18th Century Fashion and getting a glimpse of what high fashion was like more than two hundred years ago.

There is even more. At the end of the study is a book list to further one’s study on the French Revolution as well as bible studies and historical background for In the Reign of Terror. We found that In the Reign of Terror is a fabulous audio drama that could be nothing more than great entertainment, or through the use of the additional tools available through Heirloom Audio, it could be a solid History supplement for any homeschool classroom.

I am thrilled to have finally been invited into the world of Heirloom Audio and I foresee our History studies becoming more alive and exciting than I could have imagined.


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