No-Nonsense Algebra: A Review

Products were provided to us through our participation of the Homeschool Review Crew for review purposes

Bookworm Beauty has always been fairly strong in math. We have rejoiced about her strengths over the years. Unfortunately, as her math level has increased her learning style has really become more evident and it has led us on a hunt to find a program that she learns well from. I have always found that several people can teach the exact same concept and only one persons explanation may actually “click” for someone. We were hopeful that No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials would generate her “aha” moments for learning algebra.

We received a physical book and access to online video lessons to coincide with the book. It is a simple program, almost too simple to feel complete. The full size 275-page consumable book contains a full year of algebra lessons, glossary, resources such as important formulas, important symbols, common prime numbers, etc, and answer pages.

Access to the online video lessons was as simple as visiting the website and plugging in the access code. Bookworm Beauty was set up to begin algebra within minutes of receiving our materials.

The video tutorials are short and simple, typically under ten minutes. They are whiteboard animation type lessons. The writing appears as the teacher explains the lesson and takes the student through the process of solving the equations.

Math is a daily subject for the students in our home. We believe it is essential for mastering math concepts. Bookworm Beauty is crossing over into the independent study realm and is doing far more schoolwork on her own. Math Essentials makes this an easy accomplishment for her. She logs into the daily lesson, watches the tutorial and then completes the worksheet in the book itself. On average, math has taken her less than a half an hour to complete the lesson for the day.

Notice the “-0” on the previous lesson!

No-Nonsense Algebra can be used as a curriculum or as a reinforcement to help a student master various skills in areas that he or she has struggled in. We were unsure as to whether or not we would use this program to meet the algebra requirement as a full program or as a resource. Upon receiving the program, Bookworm Beauty started at the very beginning which was a lot of review for her. The lessons were short and simple. She decided to try and skip forward to attempt some more difficult lessons. Knowing that she struggles with word problems, she jumped to the last chapter, Algebra Word Problems, and watched a video lesson online. She felt confident that she fully understood the process as she watched the lesson but found that she had a hard time remembering the steps once she opened the book. Fortunately, the book offers an introduction (overview) for each lesson, which she referred to. In the end, she still struggled through the section and she decided to go back to the lesson she was on near the beginning.

By the end of the book, students will have covered all of the basic algebra concepts including quadratic equations, polynomials, rational expressions, radical expressions, and more.

We are still unsure as to whether or not we will use this program in its entirety to meet her algebra requirements. If we decide to use another program, we are sure that we will keep this for reinforcement. It’s a simple program and can be taken along with us on road trips or used to get a different explanation for a type of problem that she is struggling to understand. Either way, we appreciate No-Nonsense Algebra.

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