Another Summer Coming to an End

It is official. Although we never really have a solid delineation between summer and school, because we continue to do at least some things throughout the summer, we still have a definite moment in which it is no longer summertime and school has official begun once again. For us, the moment is when the local public school is back in session and Bookworm Beauty is able to participate in sports with her friends once again. Yes, volleyball officially started today. Tomorrow is another line drawn in the sand as the kids return to their weekly homeschool enrichment program in town.

Our summer was filled with many wonderful adventures. I told myself that I was going to blog about each one throughout and then decided that I would rather keep some things a little less public.

At any rate, we visited the Garden of the Gods and the Colorado Paint Mines, the kids attended a week of summer camp (giving Handsome and I our first week completely alone since we have been married), they also entered art at the County Fair and each won money. We spent many hours in our pool, added turkeys to our farm, enjoyed wonderful conversations with amazing friends and the girls learned to sew! We witnessed the birth of puppies, visited family, planted a garden, saw some great movies, went to a baseball game, saw an eclipse and will be finishing the summer with a Bronco game. It has been busy. It has been full and it has been fun.

I guess I am ready for a rest. There is something about the routine and structure that comes with the fall and back to school that is just so welcoming this year.

I know, I know, it will not be long before you will hear me speak of longing for summer once again. This year I plan to enjoy each season to it’s fullest, even winter. I didn’t even say that through clenched teeth!

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