Blast Off!

I never thought that science would become one of our favorite subjects in our homeschool. Honestly, I would not have thought that it would have been anything more than a subject to be checked off each year. I fully expected that we would cover math, language arts, history and science would be something added to our plate to ensure a well-rounded school experience.

Then it happened.

We moved to the prairie and suddenly it is as if we are living in on-going science experiments. We have witnessed weather unlike anything we have ever experienced before; all forms seem to be magnified out here in our own little expanse of wide-open land. We have encountered forms of wildlife (and dissected many of them): piglets, rattlesnakes, dragonflies, porcupines, skunks (no, we have not yet dissected a skunk or porcupine but we have collected some quills)! We have witnessed the cycles of life with rabbits, cats, dogs and goats. We have even enjoyed some of the most incredible sunrises and sunsets and have learned what causes the incredible colors within them. I know that science is all around everyone, but we simply did not experience things the same way when we lived in our little box in the middle of a crammed neighborhood. There is just something about having space and visibility.

This year, our science focus is chemistry and physics. I was not sure who was more excited about it, the kids or me, until the boys made a request. The Boy had his best bud over for a night. They are always busy building things like ramps to launch themselves into the abyss of our acreage, or pulleys to try and transport an object from one place to another. I just love their scientific, inquisitive minds.

The Boy and Tobmeister ran into the kitchen, interrupting my in-depth chemistry experiment that would result in dinner, with the biggest cheesy grins you could imagine. I knew instantly that they were brewing up something of their own. Then their eyes took on the irresistible charm, that they seem to be famous for, as they ask if they could launch rockets. “It’s science, Mom!” he added, as if it would seal the deal.

I looked over at the boys and saw their rumpled heads that was sure to contain as much dirt as hair and I did what every good science-teaching-mom would do. I relented. I just could not resist the double cuteness that stood before me.

I set my kitchen experiment aside and headed to the great outdoors.

Within minutes, the two scientists had mouths full of Big League Chew, Handsome’s requirement for rocket launching, and were busy making the preparations. The Boy had his new rocket ready to experience it’s inaugural launch and began to stuff the chamber with the necessary wadding. Handsome made a few  modifications to properly secure the engine and we were set for take-off.

The countdown was heard through excited mouths filled beyond capacity with grape gum. When the resounding announcement of “BLAST OFF!” was made, the rocket was gone, leaving only it’s smoke trail behind.

As a proud mama bear, I watched the two careen their heads back to assess where the rocket would land. With excitement, they both ran to retrieve it and quickly returned asking if they could “do it again!”

Do it again, we did.

These are moments that I treasure. Moments spent witnessing what boyhood is all about: buddies, dirt and science (and bubble gum too, of course)!

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