Another Exciting Adventure!

Products were provided to us through our participation of the Homeschool Review Crew for review purposes

I have always been a positive person and naturally look for the best in everything. As such, there are times when I have an opportunity to review a product that I find myself delicately focused on the positives and carefully wording the things that I feel are weaknesses. However, when it comes to
Heirloom Audio Productions, the reverse would be true! I have to search to find something that I feel could be improved upon. With Captain Bayley’s Heir, the only negative was that there was an ending to the story. Like a long awaited for vacation, the audio adventure was fun and lively and just ended too soon, we simply wanted to hear more!

Captain Bailey’s Heir is a fabulous tale that begins in London, works it’s way across the Atlantic to the United States, then westward to California during the gold rush and comes full circle to end back in London. Frank, a young lad is set up and then falsely accused of a crime when with a little persuasion, he runs to America with plans to earn his own fortune and ultimately clear his name. Through a series of events, Frank makes it to California and finds gold. Although achieving his own wealth, the real wealth he receives is learning of God’s grace, being reunited with his loved ones and clearing his name.

While the story itself was a joy to listen to, I really appreciated the underlying story in this adventure. We learned about character, the power of our word, kindness, grace and forgiveness. We also see how God literally provided for every need that Frank had, always at the exact time that he needed it. God interwove people into Frank’s life from the beginning to the end, each a blessing to encourage, teach and guide him along his journey.

We recently brought the full audio production along with us on a long car ride. The production is approximately two hours, on two separate discs. When I take schoolwork on car rides, I am mindful of the kids’ inattentiveness and I make sure that we have plenty of breaks along the way. I did exactly that after the first disc. I checked in with the kids to make sure that they were listening and offered to listen to the second disc at a later time. Each of them expressed their disdain at the thought of stopping midway!

The audio production is nonstop adventure, filled with tales of affection, gunshots, wagon caravans, death, sorrow and grace. However, the adventure does not have to end there. An accompanying study guide is available, which enabled our family to review parts of the story and go even further through our discussion. To me, this is where the real meat of a good program is. In our culture, we have many opportunities to be entertained and often, that is as far as it goes. Heirloom Audio provides productions that truly are rich in entertainment but they provide the study guide to encourage us to capitalize on the underlying message and teaching points. There are two sets of questions pertaining to each audio track, Listening Well and Thinking Further. The Listening Well section includes general comprehension questions, such as What does Frank ask Mr. Hall? and What happens next? The Thinking Further questions require much greater thought and provide meaningful discussion such as This whole section reveals again a real flaw in Frank’s character and thinking, what was it? This question allowed us to talk about how easy it is for us to believe something incorrectly and ultimately make decisions based on the untruth. Many people spend a majority of their lives making decisions based on a lie and miss out on many blessings.

Heirloom Audio has also created an amazing online club Live the Adventure Club. This club is filled with history resources. I recently became a member of the club when we reviewed In The Reign of Terror and have literally spent hours perusing historical content. There are several history books in digital form that were written in the 1800’s. Also available is The Crash Course on the Constitution. 

There are several public domain old time radio programs to stream as well. Although this site has hours of history resources, it doesn’t end there. There is also kid activities, a community forum, articles and an inspiration section.

We are pleased to have been introduced to Heirloom Audio Productions and look forward to many new adventures!

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