Thankful Reflections

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Yesterday was Thanksgiving, one of the best days we enjoy together as a family in our home. There are many reasons for us to be thankful, seeing our children profess thankfulness the remaining 364 days in the year is definitely one of them.

As I was preparing our first home-grown free-range 40lb turkey and all of the fixings for our feast, I was blessed to listen to the kids reminding each other that they need to write their thankful notes to everyone. It is one of our cherished traditions that Bookworm Beauty always ensures gets accomplished. Everyone needs to write a note of thankfulness to everyone else that will be at the table. As we begin to hear sighs of full bellies and everyone relaxes into the back of their chair, we go around the table, one by one, with each person reading their notes aloud.

It is nothing short of beautiful. I love to hear everyone share their reasons, some bringing tears, others bringing roves of laughter. Yes, there is much to be thankful for.

My prayer is that we continue to be thankful, each and every day. We have much, even when we have little. We have each other. We have the beautiful scenery of God’s creation surrounding us. We have love.

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours. May this Christmas season bring your family joy, cheer and blessing!

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