Witnessing the Active Presence of the Lord

The Gift of Time

As the recent Christmas season rapidly approached upon us, I was contemplating a special gift for a few very special people in my life. Each of them walk a fine line between believing in God, but not. Simply put, they are lukewarm. My heart continues to be heavy, aching for them.

https://emmyk.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/hot-nor-cold.jpgAs I pondered them in prayer, I began to think about God’s active presence in my own life. You see, I do not believe in God because it is cool to believe in Him, nor because He is somehow my magical genie – both being statements I have been accused of by non-believers. To the contrary, I believe in God because He has made Himself known to me over and over again. For over two and a half decades, He has made Himself real and known through countless situations that are beyond the scope of coincidence.

Thinking about His active presence, I found myself longing for these dear ones. I wondered if they would make a decision if they, too, witnessed His active presence in their own lives. This is where it all began…

Through much prayer, I made the decision to give them each the gift of time for Christmas. The gift of my time spent in prayer specifically for them. You see, I know that God knit them together in their mother’s womb. I know that He knows them by name and He knows the numbers of hairs on their head. I know that He cares deeply about them and about every finite detail of their lives. I know that He provides for them and protects them, in ways that they do not know. I know that He longs to commune with them and have relationship with them. I know these things because the inerrant Word of God says so.  But I also know that it is not enough for me to know these things, they need to know them.

I thought about our life here on the Colorado prairie. We have an amazing unobstructed 360º view that includes multiple mountain ranges and the ability to witness sunrises as well as sunsets each and every day. We get to live our daily lives on the canvas of God’s creative and breathtaking handiwork. Unfortunately, we often have to spend our time carefully looking at our feet with each step we take because we live in the natural habitat for the Colorado prairie rattlesnake. Although we may go days, week, or even months, without seeing a single one, it is a frightening and sobering experience to find one in your path.

Despite rarely seeing rattlesnakes, we have developed humbling respect for them. We know they are there. Not seeing them does not in any way mean that we are safe to run through the fields with our chins held high as we fly a kite. Year round, when the temperatures are warm enough for us to throw on some shorts and enjoy the warmth of the sun, we are aware that we need to be cognizant of our surroundings. It has become a way of life for us, one that we have simple accepted. We know they are there and we give them space when we see them.

It is not normal (or even comfortable) for me to compare our Lord and Savior with a serpent, but this picture accurately depicts the fact that we are well aware of the presence of snakes in our midst here in our surroundings, even when they are not readily visible. The Lord, too, is present at all times, even when His presence is not recognized.

It is with this humbling reality that I prayed for a way to share with these precious people in my life that He is unceasingly actively present in their life. I prayed for a way to be a light, to be able to illuminate His light, for them to see and witness exactly that.

If you have someone in your own life that you desire to witness the active presence of the Lord, then stay tuned… I will share with you how I am doing just that. Better yet, join me on this journey!



Doing Today What Should Not Be Done Tomorrow


I recently wrote about my woes of failing forward with blogging. One of the ways I feel I have failed the most is with promised blogging post series, such as our epic Pioneer Road Trip. I really wanted to share with the world about our adventures and mishaps and crazy life-threatening events and God’s miraculous provision! Aye, but I just could not get around to getting all of the posts together before homeschooling life swallowed me whole.

I wonder how many others feel the way that I do. I am not necessarily feeling overwhelmed. I feel pretty good about our life and tend to meet most of the varying needs of our family, but there always seems to be something on the schedule that gets put off to the next day and the next until it falls through the cracks.

It is time to patch up some of those cracks.

To start, we need to implement the expectation to not put off until tomorrow what can be done today.

Failing Forward with Blogging

me, blogging

I am not good at blogging. I know I can write and believe me when I say that I have a lot to say but I am not good at being consistent about making blogging a routine part of my life. I think that I can be a good resource for someone new to homeschooling or even new to blogging, well maybe not as good of a resource for the blogging person.

Homeschooling is important in our family, just like education is for any other family. We chose to homeschool. We have failed at many things and we have succeeded at many many more things. It is the age old two steps forward and one step back for us. I think that I could share some insight with others. That is why I blog about our homeschooling and our life on the prairie.

I am reflecting on my blogging woes for 2017 and thinking that I need to make it a bigger priority this next year. There just might be someone out there that could benefit from something I have to say. For this reason, I trudge forward.