Doing Today What Should Not Be Done Tomorrow

I recently wrote about my woes of failing forward with blogging. One of the ways I feel I have failed the most is with promised blogging post series, such as our epic Pioneer Road Trip. I really wanted to share with the world about our adventures and mishaps and crazy life-threatening events and God’s miraculous provision! Aye, but I just could not get around to getting all of the posts together before homeschooling life swallowed me whole.

I wonder how many others feel the way that I do. I am not necessarily feeling overwhelmed. I feel pretty good about our life and tend to meet most of the varying needs of our family, but there always seems to be something on the schedule that gets put off to the next day and the next until it falls through the cracks.

It is time to patch up some of those cracks.

To start, we need to implement the expectation to not put off until tomorrow what can be done today.

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