Failing Forward with Blogging
me, blogging

I am not good at blogging. I know I can write and believe me when I say that I have a lot to say but I am not good at being consistent about making blogging a routine part of my life. I think that I can be a good resource for someone new to homeschooling or even new to blogging, well maybe not as good of a resource for the blogging person.

Homeschooling is important in our family, just like education is for any other family. We chose to homeschool. We have failed at many things and we have succeeded at many many more things. It is the age old two steps forward and one step back for us. I think that I could share some insight with others. That is why I blog about our homeschooling and our life on the prairie.

I am reflecting on my blogging woes for 2017 and thinking that I need to make it a bigger priority this next year. There just might be someone out there that could benefit from something I have to say. For this reason, I trudge forward.

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