Another Kick-Myself Moment are moments that I just feel like I need to kick myself, you know, those times that you wonder how you let something slip by? Sometimes I overlooked something and regret it later. Other times I am persistent towards something that really should not be done, and I lose a lot of time spent on the worthless pursuit.

Tonight I had one of those feelings of lost time.

Two years ago a friend of mine brought over a couple of CDs. They were from Season One of the Brinkman Adventures. A funny side note is that she’s a Brinkman, but with no connection to the fabulous audio adventure production. I accepted the discs that she graciously shared and set them aside to listen to later. Later, became weeks. Weeks, became months and months became years, two years in fact!

Several months ago, we got an opportunity to review Season Four of the Brinkman Adventures and sadly, it was our first time listening to the incredible audio adventures! We enjoyed them so much and talked about how we could not wait to listen to the CDs that we still had sitting on our shelf! Those days became weeks and those weeks became months, until the other night.

As I was tucking the kids into bed I had a fond memory of us gathered together, listening to the Brinkmans during our review. I gathered the discs and came to the room where we sat and listened to the very first episode. One episode became two and those two almost became three except I just had to get some sleep that night!

I really regret the time lost that we could have been enjoying these fruitful, fun and exciting missionary adventure tales. Although time may have passed by, the good news is that we did not miss out. We still have the opportunity to enjoy each one.

We are quickly making up for lost time!


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