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Guest Post by Keith Flint

Keith Flint – GodsWaterBoy.Com

When you think about what a Body needs, Daily, three things come to mind.  Air, Water and Nutrition!  And yet, the world is full of attempts to sell  you every thing except the best of the above.

What would it mean to you to discover that you could have a Machine in your kitchen that restores your local water to the quality of a Snowflake? Pure, Energized, Natural and Healing!

AND that the water you produced could be shared with your family and friends with amazing results coming back to you. Acid Reflux gone; Gout gone; Irritable Bowel Syndrome gone; Arthritis gone; Energy restored; Sleep improved; Mental clarity renewed? and the list could go on and on.

A pipe dream?  NO!  A fact!

Really, Water can do that? Well, what is your body supposed to be 75% of?  …..Water!  BUT, Isn’t all water pretty much the same?  Not in this world.

check out this independent brief web video www.KangenDemo.com

Now, what if the Company that produces this machine was a privately held, business that wanted you to share the water your machine produced. Don’t you think that they would want to reward YOU the customer, for referring those like  yourself who wanted a unit in their kitchen for the rest of their life?

Supposing that this water was so effective that if you shared it, people began to discover the results in their own body, proven by medical tests showing restoration of cholesterol levels, lowered blood pressure, increased Oxygen delivery, improved Liver enzymes, etc  Don’t you think that they would be asking you “How can I get a machine like  yours?”

Well 10 years ago, I started sharing water freely, no gimmicks, no pressure, no underlying sales efforts, with my friends, FROM MY KITCHEN!  They began to come weekly to refill their bottles, sometimes from over 90 miles away!  and yes, they began to ask “How do I get a machine like yours?”

That was 10 years ago, today I have a plastic bin with over 5,000 referral check stubs in it.  I have people with every kind of testimony of how the water helped their body restore itself and the disease symptoms that it shed.

By the way, yes the machine cost nearly $4000 back then. But it paid for itself in just 3 months and has been a steady income ever since.

You say, ” You must spend a lot of time and travel to make that kind of money!”  LOL, I spent about 18 months sharing from my kitchen, doing a few small meetings in friends homes answering questions and a couple of citywide Hotel meetings to educate others.  But after 18 months, retirement circumstances put me in a new community many miles from my 28 years of relationship building in Oregon. My living in a 2nd story condominium, with limited parking made giving water away nearly impossible.  And I desperately needed a Retirement break to spend time with my grandchildren. YET! the checks just kept coming in!

I’m not here to tell you that every person who shares the water will have the same result that I had, but there have been over 32 who have exceeded a 6 figure income over the past years that got started because I shared water from my home.

Doesn’t it make sense to take a little time to discover about a water that can change your Life, not only in it’s Health, but in your Wealth also?

Please check out 9 videos about the water and the worlds problem with whats available to you at this time. www.HSCWater.net/keithf

Or perhaps www.ChangeToWater.com/PurifyingH2O

OR if you have questions, please text me that you would like a call. Keith Flint (GodsWaterBoy) 720-281-3965

Have a truly Blessed Life! Drink enough good water to  make a difference.

Guest Post: Does a Stomach Disorder Mean that You are “Pepto-Bismol Deficient?” – by Keith Flint

Keith Flint - GodsWaterBoy.Com
Keith Flint – GodsWaterBoy.Com

I would like to propose a practical and logical discussion today!  My name is Keith Flint, also known as GodsWaterBoy.  Google GodsWaterBoy to see many pages of documents and various discussions that I have had about Kangen Water.

I was reminded recently of a statement a Friend of mine made recently, “When you have Acid Reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Digestive disorders, it is certainly a fact that you are not “Pepto-Bismol” deficient!

Why is it that today we create distress (disease) and then attempt to regulate the result with after market treatments or Prescription drugs?

Your Body was designed by your maker, to maintain and heal itself.  That is if you would focus on what the “Body” needs, not what you like or dislike.  Example, You drink Soda’s that are 5 orders of magnitude Acidic and your body goes into shock having to find a way to neutralize this attack on your Organs. It  has to rob the bones of Calcium, manufacture “Buffers” to stabilize and finally store it in Fat on the body to protect vital organs from destruction.

Go to a simple video that shows the comparisons of Bottled Water, Soda, GaterAid, etc.  Discover what you are not being told when you are being sold on their convenience.  <SEE HERE> (<– click to watch)

Your Body was designed to be serviced by your BLOOD! It is the delivery system for Nutrition, Oxygen, Hemoglobin, Energy and waste removal.

See the effect of one glass of Kangen Restructured water on a persons blood. <SEE 1 minute Video Here>

God designed your body PERFECTLY!  You have allowed our culture to destroy it with FAST FOOD, Convenience, Microwave Cooking, Chemical substances added to it, GMO alteration and convenience DRINKS instead of the simple choices. Particularly, the proper amount of water that YOUR BODY requires daily.  DO YOU DRINK A MINIMUM OF 1/2 Oz of water per pound weight DAILY?  If not, you are maintaining your body in a dehydrated condition.  Dehydration is the primary source of most all of our modern day “Disease Disorders” that Medical science has given names to.  Of course they choose to provide “Relief” from Symptoms rather than attempting to eliminate the CAUSE and have the symptoms gone.

You can attempt to provide Supplements, Nutrients, Detox protocols, etc, but if the Blood isn’t functioning optimally, less than 20% of what you are taking is likely to make it to where it is needed.  Wouldn’t it be smarter to give 20% of your daily dosage to each of your family members along with  yourself, because all of you are functioning with active Blood delivery? You would still be getting the same result that you now are getting, taking the full dose  yourself.

To really understand just how important the CHOICE of water is and What not to drink, review a private video site that I maintain for your visiting. I only require a first name and email to send you your personal password to access the information.  I do not hassle people, I educate and respond to their questions via text or phone calls.

my site is <HSCWater.net/keithf >

Blessings on you and your family. Be Healthy GODS way.

Keith Flint 720-281-3965

Pearly Whites: A Long-Term Focus

I am a busy mom of six children. Three are grown and gone and three are 10 or under. One of the biggest struggles I have had all of these years is enforcing the routine habits of oral hygiene. Don’t get me wrong, I have made them do it… twice a day. Unfortunately, looking back, I realize that it is one of those things that I took care of myself for a couple of years and then when they appeared capable, I passed the torch – or toothbrush – did a quick explanation and from then on out I simply gave out reminders as needed. This has hardly been a proactive approach of the care of teeth that will stay with them for 40, 50, 60 – or more years.

I see my wrong doing. I see the evidence of it every day. I see the sometimes clean teeth and the other times not-so-clean teeth.

Recently, while taking care of my own teeth, I got to thinking about the age of the teeth that grace my smile. Reflecting on my youth, I was unable to recall anyone taking the time to actually teach me how to properly care for them… I had to learn on my own through the years, sometimes as a result of cavities and root canals.

It was time to do something about this. Things needed to change in our house. The adult teeth in our children’s mouths still have a long journey ahead of them. Teaching, on purpose, proper oral care to an audience that was capable of learning proper habits was long overdue. After making an announcement, all three little people joined me in the bathroom and lined up in front of the mirror. I went over a fun and lighthearted overview of proper oral care with a solid focus on brushing techniques:

  1. 20160112_203259
    Two full minutes!

    Inspect your toothbrush for cleanliness – you never know what may have been around in the last 12 hours.

  2. Enough is enough – too much toothpaste is too much (and used for advertising photos) and too little is too little, you just need a pea-sized portion.
  3. Brush for a FULL TWO MINUTES and maybe even a bit longer – I’m thankful for our Sonicare toothbrushes with built-in two-minute timers.
  4. Rinse – your mouth AND your toothbrush.

    Don’t forget the sink!
  5. On to flossing – this is probably the most important habit to develop that I want my children to develop.
  6. Mouthwash/Rinse – we don’t purchase commercial mouthwash as we aim to be a fluoride-free house – however, we do use 2.5 pH acidic water. Don’t worry folks… it’s just water that has been taken through an electrolysis process to generate it’s highly effective sanitizing properties.
  7. For the final step we had a talk about cleaning out the sink – to leave it clean for the next person to visit the bathroom -this could very well have been one of the most important conversations of the evening!

I wish I had done this sooner! It has been so easy to overlook, yet such a valuable discussion with long-term benefits or effects. We can’t undo cavities. It’s also much harder to change habits after habits have been developed. I recognize that the habits that they have developed have been appropriate for a three year old, but not for a 5, 7 or 10 year old!

It’s only been a week since the infamous visit to the bathroom mirror. I have to say that I have noticed cleaner teeth over these last several days, as well as a cleaner sink. Interestingly though, my greatest satisfaction has come from their daily use of floss. I not sure know why, but it brings me great joy to know that they know HOW to use them and that they ACTUALLY do.20160112_203648

I sat in on their brushing routine last night to casually monitor. All three of them progressed through the steps without hesitance… I don’t think they were doing it just for my benefit. It left me feeling a bit proud. I am hoping that they will be able to enjoy those beautiful pearly whites for decades to come!

As parents, we all have something that we want to be certain to teach our children… what have you taken the time to focus on with yours?