We HOP… One Day at a Time


Life on the Colorado Eastern Plains is nothing short of a dream come true for us. Every day is a new adventure as there is always something marvelous to discover. We are blessed to be able to enjoy many of life’s simplest pleasures from the comfort of our own home; sunrises, sunsets and smiling children!

Those smiling children are Bookworm Beauty (10), Sweetness (6), and The Boy (5). We have three older children as well; Princess, Angel and Sunshine, they have been released into the world to spread their wings.  Nothing has been more important to us than building children. There are only 6,574.36 days before a child crosses the threshold into adult hood and we need to make each one of them count.

For us, homeschooling is one of the most important steps we take.

On Purpose.

Thank you for stopping by and joining us for the journey. It is my hope that somewhere along the way I may have the privilege of sharing something that you will find useful for your own journey.